Enjoy Bird Watching in Your Own Backyard

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One of the best things about spring is the plethora of birds that begin to visit your backyard garden. Attracting birds is a great way to keep certain insects at bay and can also quickly become a fun and inexpensive hobby. All you need are a couple good feeders and a book to help identify the different species. Spend the money at the beginning … [Read more...]

Open the Door to Creative Garden Design


It's the little unexpected touches that help make a garden your own. Often these creative garden design ideas utilize items you normally wouldn't associate with finding a home among flowering shrubs, climbing vines and those gorgeous summer tomatoes. Use old bi-fold doors to create a sense of privacy around a cozy seating area or alfresco dining … [Read more...]

Bring Character to Your Garden With Fun Accessories

garden accessories

Nothing makes a garden spot more personal than by adding unique whimsical accessories. Some of these great fun tips will surely make your yard the delight of the entire neighborhood. Jazz up that garden trellis by topping it with a custom make bird or bee house. Their occupants are so beneficial to the surrounding vegetation, and you can easily … [Read more...]