Inspire Kids to Go Outside With a Sensory Garden

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Children are naturally curious and a garden is the perfect place for them to explore, discover, and learn something new. You can easily upgrade parts of your yard to truly pique their curiosity and boost their imaginations. If you're considering converting part of your yard into a sensory garden consider adding: Edible garden beds: Dedicate … [Read more...]

Create Artwork With Succulent Plants

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Succulent plants have such a unique look and feel. Frequently referred to as "fat plants" because of their thicker leaves and stems, succulents offer easy care choices. They are great to use in low humidity climates because of their natural water storage properties. When planning your garden include framed succulents to add stunning vertical … [Read more...]

Inviting a Victorian Influence Into Your Garden

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No mishmash of plants and bushes, or crooked paths leading to nowhere are allowed. Everything has to be orderly and enjoy continuity with the exterior design of the home. This is very similar to how gardens were designed during the Victorian age, before segueing into the more minimalist Arts and Crafts period. Straight brick or stone paths are bordered … [Read more...]