2023 Show Schedule

We are out and about again! Please find us here or message us online at MarvinGardensUSA@gmail.com:

Philadelphia Flower Show – Philadelphia, PA

March 3 -12, 2023 Booth 700

Nyack Street Fair – Nyack, NY

April 16, 2023 Sunday Booth C35

Congers Street Fair – Congers, NY

April 30, 2023 Sunday 10am – 5 pm

Rye Arts in the Park Festival

May 6 – 7, 2023 Saturday & Sunday

The Barley Beach House, 90 Dearborn Ave, Rye, NY

Brimfield Antiques Market Quaker Acres Field – Brimfield, MA

May 9 – 14, 2023 Tuesday – Sunday

20 Palmer Road, Brimfield, MA
***We are on the main road Route 20, Booths 7, 8***

Trade Secrets – Lakeville, CT

May 21, 2022 Sunday

Lime Rock Park – 60 White Hollow Road, Lakeville, CT

For more information on the event please visit https://www.tradesecretsct.com/

Fine Day Fair Annual Spring Home & Garden Show

June 3 – 4, 2023 Saturday & Sunday

Farm Park, South Salem, NY

For more information on the event please visit://www.finedayfair.com/

Pop Shop Market

June 10, 2023 Saturday 10am – 4pm

Milford Green, Milford, CT

Nyack Street Fair (Cedar Street)

July 9, 2023 Saturday 10am – 4pm

Nyack, NY

Brimfield Antiques Market Quaker Acres Field – Brimfield, MA

July 11-16, 2023 Tuesday – Saturday

20 Palmer Road, Brimfield, MA
***We are on the main road Route 20, Booths 7/8***

Brimfield Antiques Market Quaker Acres Field – Brimfield, MA

September 5 – 9, 2023 Tuesday – Saturday

20 Palmer Road, Brimfield, MA
***We are on the main road Route 20, Booths 7/8***

Nyack Street Festival – Nyack, NY

September 10, 2023 Sunday

Holiday Pop Shop Market

December 2, 2023 Saturday 10am – 4pm

Fairfield Theater Club, Fairfield Milford, CT

Please check back as we add more shows to the calendar! Amabel


We are out and about again! Please find us here or message us online at MarvinGardensUSA@gmail.com:

Stone Ridge Orchard – Stone Ridge, NY
Findings Spring 2022
Saturday & Sunday, April 30 & May 1, 2022
For more information on the event please visit

Brimfield Antiques Market
Quaker Acres Field – Brimfield, MA

20Palmer Road, Brimfield, MA
May 10-15, 2022
***We are on the main road Route 20, Booths 25/26 – 3rd Tent ***

Trade Secrets – Lakeville, CT
Saturday, May 14, 2022
For more information on the event please visit https://www.tradesecretsct.com/

Philadelphia Flower Show – PA

  • Friday, June 10, 2022 – Sunday, June 19, 2022
  • FDR Park1500 Pattison Avenue Philadelphia, PA, 19145
  • Booths 517 & 518
  • https://phsonline.org/the-flower-show

Brimfield Antiques Market
Quaker Acres Field – Brimfield, MA

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Think Like a Landscaper When Planning Your Garden

One of the best tricks for planning you garden like a professional landscaper is to work around a focal point. This component of your design should be capable of drawing a lot of interest and attention from guests all by itself. However, by tying this in with other elements of the garden, a truly cohesive space can be achieved.

garden design
Source: Marvin Gardens Facebook

Your focal point can be a naturally occurring element, such as a large boulder or tree, or a strategically placed item, such as a building or sculpture. Larger gardens may employ more than one focal point, but this will detract value from a garden too small to handle it, appearing cluttered.

It’s important to employ a strong sense of contrast when developing your focal point and the rest of the garden. Although many aspects of the garden can be included in this venture, such as color, accounting for the texture of your garden gives one of the most subtle yet impactful impressions. Rhythm and repetition of design motifs are also very effective.

For more help planning your garden, please contact us at Marvin Gardens today!

Incorporate Your Patio in Your New England Garden Design

Even if the majority of your yard is taken up by a large patio, planning your garden to incorporate this feature is not a problem. Here are some garden ideas for your New England residence:

  • If you live close to your neighbors but desire a little extra privacy during your morning coffee or afternoon yoga, shrubs planted along the outside of the patio or in containers on the border will create a sufficient barrier.
  • For something a bit more exciting, spring bulbs bring a splash of color early in the season. Hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips all make great choices after a harsh winter.
  • Incorporating late blooming perennials will fill in the space as the seasons shift.
  • For a utilitarian approach to patio gardening, herbs and vegetables can be grown in easy to access containers. Herbs are especially viable at the edge of larger planter boxes closest to the door. After all, if you enjoy cooking, why not have a fresh supply of your favorite ingredients?
  • Even in a shady patio, plenty of shrubs and ornamental grasses will flourish. Also, consider employing out of the ordinary containers for your plants, such as an ornate bathtub or antique wine barrels.

For more help planning your garden, contact us at Marvin Gardens today.

Accessorize Your Garden With a Sense of Fun

For a more playful environment, there are many ways to incorporate whimsy into your garden. Controlling the colors, sculptures, shapes, and other display elements of your garden will generate an exciting atmosphere.  Here are some ways to bring fun to your landscape:

make a garden fun
  • Bright colors just imply fun. Instead of blending subtle tones, contrasting distinct colors of the rainbow will leave your guests in a better mood. The trick is to utilize brightly colored items amidst a sea of green foliage.
  • Unique sculptural selections can offer fun vignettes that speak for themselves without competing against the rest of the garden. They work well as bends in the garden path or walkway.
  • Interesting, eye-catching, shapes around the garden demonstrate a childlike frivolity. With a free-for-all celebration of shape, guests are left looking for similarities as they view the premise.
  • If you already have an amusing collection of attractive objects, consider moving their display space to the garden. Of course, you’ll want to ensure they are prepared to be kept outside, but using the garden as a home for a unique assortment of items leaves a positive impression on guests.

If you’re on the market for fun garden design accessories, please contact Marvin Gardens today!

Ideas for Natural Barriers in Your Garden Design

Plants, shrubs and trees are beautiful in and of themselves, but they also make wonderful screens for creating even better spaces in your backyard. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Define a Space – The savvy use of a combination of plants, shrubs and trees can create anything from a cozy, shaded nook for relaxing to a large, dedicated space for entertaining.
  • Add Some Privacy – Given time, most trees or hedges will completely obstruct the view from your yard to the street and vice versa. The key to getting it done in a resonable time is to use foliage that meets your needs in terms of density and speed of growth.
  • Eliminate an Eyesore – Another great use of natural barriers is to hide the necessary but unsightly equipment needed to run a modern home. You can use small shrubs around HVAC units and pool pumps but keep them well away from the equipment.
Traditional Landscape by Maine Landscapers via Houzz

For more specific recommendations on natural plant barriers and other creative garden design ideas, please contact us at Marvin Gardens.

Create a Garden That Connects Your Interior Design to Your Yard

One thing that homeowners don’t always consider when it comes to their garden design is how it will connect with their interior design. The following are a few ways that you can help create a more balanced home design by visually connecting your garden and your interior design together:

  • custom garden design
    Source: Marvin Gardens Facebook

    Color – Make the colors of your garden design compliment those of your interior design. For example, if your interior color scheme is more on the neutral side of things, add soft yellow or purple flowers and plants to your landscape. If your home’s colors are bolder, then use bolder colored landscape elements.

  • Architectural features – Consider the best architectural feature of your home, then make it stand out. You can do this by clearing the space around it or by repeating its color or shape.
  • Style – Different architectural styles will work better with different landscape features. For example, a Victorian style home will look fantastic with boxwood hedges, while open lawn areas and picket fences tend to work better for traditional Colonial style homes.

Use these tips to connect your garden design to your interior. Be sure to contact us at Marvin Gardens for all of your garden needs.

Create a Garden Design That’s Great for Daydreaming and Meditation

When it comes to designing your garden, you may already have particular tastes, one design you may want to think about is a space that promotes meditation and philosophy. Having a beautiful space to meditate can bring peace and it can benefit your health.

container gardening
Source: Marvin Gardens Facebook

Here are some ideas you may want to consider adding to your garden design.

  • Adding shapes such as spheres to your garden can bring a sense of structure and peace while also providing texture.
  • Balance is key when promoting peace in your garden. This does not have to mean mirror imaging; asymmetrical balance can also add calm.
  • Gardens that are used for meditation often use greenery and foliage instead of flowers. This is thought to provide fewer distractions.
  • Well-placed seating such as a bench gazing out over the garden can provide a place to stop, breathe, and take in the beauty.
  • Plants that provide texture can be a great place to draw the eye, also drawing the mind to stop and think.

If you are interested in different types of garden design and finding the right design to suit your needs, contact us at Marvin Gardens.

Great Reasons to Take Another Look at Your Front Lawn

The front lawn is the first thing people see of your home, so they will already have a first impression formed even before they step into the front door. You therefore have to make sure that the front lawn is always on top condition — you’ll never know who may drop by.

home gardening landscaping
Source: Flickr

Aside from keeping the front lawn clean, you can also update it to increase your home’s curb appeal. Nowadays, this is an easier thing to do because of the many options for designing an outdoor space that are available to homeowners.

But how can you tell if your front lawn needs an upgrade? Here are some telltale signs:

  • The front entryway isn’t highlighted enough to be prominent.
  • It’s confusing to navigate a vehicle up or down the driveway.
  • Views from outside aren’t blocked, resulting in a lack of privacy.
  • The walkway to the front door doesn’t look welcoming.
  • Your maintenance and watering expenses are higher than you’d want them to be.

If your front lawn exhibits these signs, then allow us at Marvin Gardens to come to its rescue. We have an extensive collection of garden accessories to liven up your front lawn. Contact us for more details.