Beautiful Autumn Plantings to Put in an Urn

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Fall is nearly here and it is the perfect time to try your hand at container gardening. Strategically planting in containers extends the life of your garden and adds visual interest as the summer plants fade. Some of our favorite fall varieties for planting in an urn or in a container include: Ornamental Cabbage It looks good enough to eat! The … [Read more...]

Fun Ways to Make Small Mysterious Retreats in Your Garden

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If you're looking for a creative outdoor design idea for your garden consider carving out space for a small mysterious retreat. This will give you a place to escape to, renew your spirit, and reconnect with the outdoors. Everyone's garden is different and offers unique opportunities to create a retreat. Our favorite ideas include: Using a … [Read more...]

Pick the Best Colors for Your Landscape to Keep it From Looking Boring

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If you're feeling uninspired by your landscape it's likely time to infuse it with some color! Choosing the best colors for your outdoor spaces can help you transform your home's exterior and add a bit more vibrancy to your life. Which colors are best for your home's exterior? Understanding the nuances of different color palettes may help you … [Read more...]