Choose Plants That Can Live Through New England’s Winters

choosing plants for a New England garden

New England winters can be brutal. Between the snow, the wind, and the falling temperatures it's hard to know which plants in your garden will survive. Planting cold-hardy plants in your garden will help ensure that you'll have color and new growth at the first glimpse of spring. If you're hoping to add cold-hardy perennials to your garden consider … [Read more...]

Plants That Can Survive Crisp Fall Weather in a Container

choosing plants for a New England garden

Just because the weather is cooling down doesn't mean your gardening needs to stop. If you do a little research you'll discover there are many plant varieties that can survive and thrive throughout the fall season. Our favorite varieties for fall container planting include: Coral Bells This beautiful plant features large orange-pink leaves … [Read more...]

Getting to Know Your Rakes

gardening tools

The days are shorter, temperatures are dropping, Halloween is just around the corner, and leaves are about to cover your lawn. Before you head out to rake up the last remnants of this year's growing season consider which rake is best for the job. Although you might think rakes are universal they have definite differences to consider. Lawn … [Read more...]