Marvin Gardens USA

Greetings all! We're back from the Philadelphia Flower Show to wrap up MARVIN GARDENS' STORE CLOSING SALE. As many of you already know, the business model for Marvin Gardens is changing to focus on internet sales, antique and garden shows, private events and client services. After an early start in Georgetown in 2002 to completing a full 12 years on Route … [Read more...]

Beautiful Ways to Landscape Your Garden to Keep the Water Flowing

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Moving water effectively across your land is an important consideration when designing an outdoor space. According to, there are several ways to work drainage and water movement into your landscaping that is both beautiful and functional. Planning considerations The topography of your land and the setup of the neighborhood drainage system … [Read more...]

Take a Different Approach to Your Garden in 2015


Taking a new approach to gardening gives you a chance to explore the full potential of your land. If you've always followed the same routine when choosing plants for a New England garden, suggests changing things up a bit. Mediterranean Landscape via Houzz Set a section free Allow an area of your garden to grow free this year to discover … [Read more...]