Beautiful Garden Hedges That Can Survive the Winter


If you think your landscaping can only look lovely in the warmer months, think again. Incorporating garden hedges that survive the winter when choosing plants for a New England garden provides year-round beauty, shelter for animals, and a spot of color amid the white and gray of winter. With some suggested hedges from, you can achieve lovely winter … [Read more...]

Winter Hardy Plants for a Colorful Container Garden

tips for container gardening

New England winters are a bit washed out, but with a colorful container garden, you can enjoy lovely hues despite the snow or rain. features tips for container gardening that get you started on your own mini garden of beauty. Bamboo and Evergreen Plants Bamboo is a hardy, sustainable addition to any container garden. Add in evergreen … [Read more...]

Quirky Birds to Add to Your Garden

garden design accessories

Adding interest to your garden goes beyond selecting plantings, installing walkways, and incorporating trellises. Give your New England garden unique character with the addition of garden design accessories in the form of a trio of quirky and colorful birds. King of the Garden Roost While having live chickens isn't necessarily feasible or desired, … [Read more...]