Getting to Know Your Rakes

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The days are shorter, temperatures are dropping, Halloween is just around the corner, and leaves are about to cover your lawn. Before you head out to rake up the last remnants of this year's growing season consider which rake is best for the job. Although you might think rakes are universal they have definite differences to consider. Lawn … [Read more...]

Create a Garden in Place of a Lawn for a More Interesting Landscape

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Most homes in New England have a lawn; a wide expanse of grass that requires ongoing maintenance and manicuring without doing anything to enhance the ecosystem surrounding the home. However, converting your lawn to a garden will simultaneously add beauty while respecting the natural wildlife and landscape. If you're interested in creating a garden … [Read more...]

Turning Your Garden Into a Space to Meditate

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When life gets hectic it feels good to just escape and get away from the noise and chaos. Where do you go to escape? Many of our customers have found that turning their gardens into meditation spaces has provided the perfect place to regroup, recenter, and relax. Designing an outdoor space for meditation isn't difficult. Our favorite tips … [Read more...]