Have You Thought About Beekeeping? Ideas to Get You Started

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If you're looking for challenging or environmentally beneficial ideas for your New England garden, beekeeping is one option to consider. Bees pollinate vegetables and fruits but they require human help nowadays to remain healthy. Without bees to pollinate, there’s already been a decrease in food availability. Incorporate a beehive into your garden and … [Read more...]

With the Right Garden Design, Who Needs a Fancy Vacation?

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With the summer weather in New England shaping up beautifully, there's no need to take a fancy vacation to a tropical retreat. Creating a perfect staycation starts with designing an outdoor space that focuses on serenity, simplicity and relaxation. Serene seating The right seating is essential for your relaxing garden oasis. Select a chaise that's … [Read more...]

Keep Your Garden Tools Beautifully Organized

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In your garden, there's a place for everything and an order to plantings that is pleasing to the eye. Apply that same order when organizing garden design accessories and tools to make maintenance and outdoor entertaining easier. Garden shed A shed with pegboards and shelves is the ideal storage solution for garden tools. Hang shovels, trowels, hoes … [Read more...]