This Just In: HM Oliver gets a New Look and a New Name!

You’ve probably noticed a few changes to this blog if you’re a regular who visits daily to read our posts. We’ve changed our name from HM Oliver to that of our sister store, Marvin Gardens, since we’ve consolidated and moved to 713 Danbury Road. We’ve also got a new Facebook and Twitter account so be sure to add us! But don’t worry, you can still count on getting the usual garden tips and decorating ideas here, and remember, if you’ve got an idea for a post or simply a topic that you’d like to learn more about that we can help you explore, send your ideas our way!

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Adding Texture With Scalloped Designs

Are there any areas in your home that feel a tad bit too “flat”? You know, those areas that are beautifully painted and furnished with  striking pieces but still missing something that you just can’t pinpoint? Chances are, the missing piece of the decor puzzle is texture. Often overlooked, texture  is one of those interior design elements that can completely transform a room and has the power to add tremendous depth, warmth and complexity. Scalloped decor is a great way to incorporate that texture into a space.

The illusion of texture can be added with various painting techniques. This scalloped border creates a softer "rolling" edge effect.

Vintage scalloped lampshade with shiny, rough fabric.
A scalloped transom window.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

The DOs and DON’Ts of Wall Ivy

If you’ve ever driven through a vine-covered stone tunnel or passed an ivy-blanketed garden fence, and thought to yourself, “How lovely!”, and had even the tiniest interest in creating a similar look in your yard or around your home, then this post is something you’ll want to read. While they may indeed look “lovely”, wall and fence vines can have some pretty detrimental effects on the structure they’re encroaching if the proper vine isn’t used. According to, vines climb through a variety of methods: mechanically, by using tendrils, suction-type cups and piercing roots.

The two main types of ivy people grow are Boston Ivy and English Ivy. The latter is notorious for the type of structural havoc we’re referring to. If you allow it to grow up a wall or home side, it will use its little roots to claw into whatever material its climbing and eventually destroy it…imagine water expanding in a crack or a tree’s roots lifting a sidewalk. If English Ivy is allowed to grow up a tree, it will kill that, too. Needless to say, its damages can be pretty costly.

Boston ivy on the other hand looks great climbing up walls and uses suckers so it actually doesn’t damage what it climbs on, though it can ruin painted surfaces. Unlike the English Ivy, its not evergreen and will turn pretty colors and drop leaves in the fall — perhaps the trade off of having it not destroy your walls?

HM Oliver Interiors and Marvin Gardens Has Extended Their Moving and Consolidation Sale Until the End of June!

The moving and consolidation sales event will feature all regular retail at 20%-50% off and will take place at 632 Danbury Road. As part of the consolidation of HM Oliver Interiors and Marvin Gardens, we will incorporate furniture from different sources, warehouse and industrial furniture and bulk sales. All sales are final.

“If the warehouse/over stock sale works, we’ll create an urban market monthly (or biweekly) and invite other dealers to participate (Eleven Shades of Grey),” said HM Oliver Principal Amabel Chan. “It’s been done in Houston and Atlanta — maybe we can reinvent that type of retailing here on the East Coast.”

Doors will only be open from 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. through the end of the month. For more information, contact Amabel at (203) 856-0309

Please note that Marvin Gardens’ location at 713 Danbury Road, Wilton remains the flagship location.

Get Ready for the 5th Annual Georgetown Gallop 5K Fun Run!

Join the town of Wilton this Sunday, June 13 for the 5th Annual Georgetown Gallop 5K Fun Run. The 5K race begins at 10:30 a.m. on Old Mill Road with check-in beginning at 9:30 outside the Village Chef Deli at the corner of Rt. 57 and 107.

From the Wilton Chamber of Commerce:

The “Pony Express” Kids Fun Run will kick off after  the 5K.  Entry fee for the 5K is $12 on or before 6/8, $15 after.  Kids K is $5.  Online registration can be made at, or by calling the Chamber office at 762-0567. After the road races, everyone is encouraged to attend the Georgetown Day Festival sponsored by the Georgetown Village Restoration Association, which will be held right across the street from noon until 7 PM, rain or shine.

Click here for more information.

Transform Your Dining Experience From Mundane to Glamorous by Tablescaping

Whether for breakfast, brunch or dinner, a formal dining experience at home usually includes setting the fine china out, adorning the table with a pretty centerpiece and of course, serving up a delicious home-cooked meal. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? But if you’d like to take the “usual” fine dining experience to the next level where glamour and pizzazz reign, think of creating a tablescape.

Tablescaping is the practice of creatively setting a table and has been a huge trend in the design community over the past few years. It not only allows the “tablerscaper” to channel into his or her creative veins but the “tablescapees” also get to dine on a tabletop that has essentially been transformed into a work of art.

Click here for a helpful list of tablescaping ideas from House Beautiful.

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

A Castle-full of Inspirations

Thanks to our friends from HabituallyChic, we had a chance to take a glimpse into the gardens of Wijlre Castle in the Netherlands. So very inspiring and magical! Visit Marvin Gardens for more garden inspirations.

The owners are avid art collectors and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that they made their home 12 miles outside of Maastricht, the site of the leading art and antiques fair TEFAF. The gardens incorporate many modern and contemporary sculptures and the couple have also built a gallery on the property where they hold exhibitions. Sounds like a dream life to go with a dream home!

Photos  Credit: Herman Wouters for The New York Times and Conari Album on Webshots