Gorgeous String Gardens

After sharing about the beauty of vertical garden walls earlier this month, we came across another neat form of indoor gardening: string gardens. We first spotted them on Joanna Goddard’s blog, but when we looked a little deeper we found more info from Urban Gardens. Take a look so you’ll know what we’re talking about:

We’ve seen them hung in groups and as a single hanging plant, but either way string gardens are really livening up their surroundings. If you’re interested in how these hanging gardens work while strung from the ceiling, you can learn more here. Or if you’re just interested in the eye candy, check these out:

So, what do you think of string gardens? Would you hang a plant from the ceiling in your home?

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Images via Urban Gardens

Innovative Reclaimed Garden Orbs

Have you seen the orb sculptures available through Marvin Gardens? Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also green, as they’re made from recycled agricultural parts. An artist makes these sculptures as unique pieces in various interesting shapes, and the inside can even be painted a different color for extra flair.

The orbs’ diameters range between two and four feet, so they can be a great detail in your garden. In fact, we were excited to see New England Home magazine recently featured the recycled garden accessory in their E-newsletter.
Wouldn’t you love to add one of these sustainable beauties to your garden? Contact Marvin Gardens in Wilton, Connecticut, at 203-544-2020 to learn how you can bring one home with you.

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Garden Trend: Zinc Planters

Have you heard the news? Zinc planters are a big garden trend right now, and we can see why. Not only are they attractive, but they’re also durable and can give your garden a unique contemporary vibe. Other benefits of metal planters listed over at All About Planters include their resistance to chipping, cracking and breaking as well as their beautiful look, which only continues over time. In fact, they often acquire a pretty patina as they “age.” Want some eye candy? Here are a few neat zinc planters we spotted around the web:

As we mentioned earlier this week, Marvin Gardens will participate in two flower shows in March, displaying and selling our great home and garden accessories. As zinc planters are growing in popularity, our custom-made ones will be a highlight at both shows. Come and check them out!

Images: Terrapin Trading Co. via todaysgardencenter.com, Ferro Zinc Planter via outdoor.ie, henandhammock.co.uk

Marvin Gardens Participating in Upcoming Flower Shows

Marvin Gardens has a busy month coming up soon! In March, we’re participating in the Philadelphia Flower Show, and then we’ll head straight over to Boston for the Boston Flower Show. So why are we participating in these two shows back-to-back? We’re excited to showcase our cool and eclectic home and garden accessories and design. Custom-made zinc planters and living walls will be highlights and available for sale at both shows—great, affordable pricing, and a cool and unique effect indoors or outdoors.

Be sure to check back to the Marvin Gardens blog for more details and information later. We just wanted to give you a quick heads up because we hope to see you at these events! The Philadelphia Flower Show will take place March 6-13, and the Boston show will be March 16-20, so mark your calendars! And if you don’t want to wait, stop by our Connecticut store today to view our unique home and garden accessories.

Image via theflowershow.com

New Wallpaper Trends

We showed you some beautiful metallic wallpapers at the end of December, but there are still other wallpaper trends we wanted to share with you. Going beyond simple paint and updating walls with wallpaper is becoming more and more popular lately. Like David Klaus at Graham & Brown told ShelterPop, “People are finally moving away from just a feature wall and are once again wallpapering two, three and four walls in a room.” ShelterPop also compiled the latest trends in wallpaper, so here’s what you need to know to stay up-to-date:

  • Some papers these days offer beautiful texture and can be painted on in case you want to change the color.
  • Wallpapers are starting to match textiles in a room, like having upholstery or curtains in the same pattern as the walls.
  • Papers are featuring hand-designed, classic patterns.

So, are you planning to bring wallpaper into your home in 2011?

Image: Graham & Brown via ShelterPop

The Beauty of Vertical Gardens

Scoot over potted plants because a new type of indoor flora is becoming increasingly popular in interior design: vertical garden walls. For the ultimate way to bring the outdoors in, take a look at this beautiful custom vertical garden wall we spotted over at Urban Gardens.

Especially during the wintertime, it’s easy to get glum looking outside only to see no leaves on the trees and only rare glimpses of greenery. Well, we don’t know about you, but we at Marvin Gardens would get cheered up every time we saw a pretty and luscious plant-filled wall brightening up our indoor spaces.  How do you feel about this vertical garden wall trend? Would you add one in your home?

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Photo: Elizabeth Felicella via urbangardensweb.com

A Beautiful Home and Garden

We’re smitten! The traditional English-style home of the Simon family recently featured on the Traditional Home website is gorgeous inside and out. We know it’s the beginning of 2011, but this house resembles more of the 1930s look. We’re so glad the homeowners decided to “keep its integrity intact.” With a restored interior and properly landscaped terraces and gardens, it’s really a charming space.

Here are some of our favorite photos of the New Jersey home. Aren’t they beautiful?

Photos by John Bessler for Traditional Home