Luxurious Low Maintenance Container Planting at Your Home

Custom Container Gardening at your HomeMarvin Gardens takes pride in creating low maintenance container gardens at the home owner’s site.  Amabel will come to your home and transform individual containers into lush, long lasting plantings that will carry a beautiful effect from late April to late November – no fertilizer or dead heading required! Each container is filled to the brim with composted soil that will feed the plants for the duration of the season. Plants are chosen according to the home owner’s selected color pallet and personal style.  Amabel impresses upon the homeowner that common flowering annuals typically require frequent fertilizing, watering and dead heading to maintain a lush effect. In lieu of using such high maintenance plants,  a variety of perennials, leafy tropicals and a limited number of annuals (typically only white double petal impatiens) are used.

Book your appointment now. On site container gardening begins late April, but keepin mind that the frost date is typically Mother’s Day. Some frost protection may be required if April planting is requested. Cost of container gardening is $30 per container and the retail cost of plants. A delivery charge may apply depending on proximity to Wilton. There is no charge for the compost soil and your container garden will not require any further enhancements until the first hard frost in the fall!

Living Walls and Interesting Wall Containers

Vertical Zinc Wall Planter
Stylish Vertical Gardening

Gardening can be a challenge especially when ground space is limited. Why not go up? Unused interior or exterior wall space is very easily enhanced by hanging flat planter boxes, wall fountains, coral, colorful dishes (yes!) or anything that can be attached to a flat surface.  A little ingenuity and creativity is all that is needed to create a spectacular impact.  Remember, if using smaller items (coral, fish, mirrors, etc) the effect is greater if a large volume of the item is used.  Large wall art can be placed singly, in pairs or trios to create geometrical and structural effect.

Please inquire about our custom-made lightweight zinc wall planters. Created to encase baby ferns, ivy, succulents or multiples of any 2-3″ potted plant, these slightly industrial rectangular wall planters are affordable, extremely interesting and fun to plant. Reserve yours now or special order complete with plants. Sizes range from 20″ x 30″ to 36″ x 48″.

Color Spruces up Outdoor Living Areas

Soon homeowners will begin spending a lot more time outside, not only because of pretty spring weather on the way, but also as outdoor living is becoming more popular. If you want an outdoor space where you love to relax and entertain, think about adding splashes of your favorite colors. Green isn’t the only outdoor hue, so get creative. Need ideas? Check out some of the tips from Sensational Color to get the ball rolling.

  • Of course you can bring in color with flowers, but don’t forget about colorful garden accessories like pretty pots and planters, cushions, pillows and more.
  • Pay attention to the colors you have to work with, like existing landscaping, pavement and walls. Then make your new colors match or blend for a cohesive and well-thought-out look.
  • Determine the mood you’re going for and select colors that portray it.

Visit or contact Marvin Gardens for garden accessories that can bring color into your outdoor space.

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The Meanings of Different Rose Colors

Today is Valentine’s Day, meaning candy, balloons and flowers galore. Since this is one of the most popular times of year for giving bouquets of roses, we at Marvin Gardens thought it would be helpful and fun to share the meaning of different rose colors. You may not want to choose randomly, since roses are usually interpreted differently by their pigmentation. Here’s some of the rose colors and what they symbolize, in sum:

  • Red roses, of course, stand for love, so they’re especially popular on February 14.
  • Pink can show admiration and appreciation.
  • Yellow roses stand more for friendship and happiness.
  • White exemplifies purity and fresh starts, as well as remembrance.
  • Orange is the color for passion.
  • And lavender roses are a bit whimsical, great for symbolizing “love at first sight.”

For more details on rose colors and what they symbolize, you can check out this helpful guide from Pro Flowers.

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Deck Out Your Garden in Spring’s Hottest Colors

An orange tiger lily

If you couldn’t tell by our last post about springy design motifs, we’re looking forward to getting past winter and into next season. In fact, with some of the top spring color trends already out, we thought it’d be fun to let you in on the new “in” hues and offer advice for incorporating them into your spring garden.

  • Firstly, Pantone’s 2011 Color of the Year Honeysuckle definitely lends itself to the garden since it’s named after the reddish-pink plant.
  • Orange is continuing its stint as a color in vogue, and you can add it to your garden with tiger lilies.
  • With silver and grays also in style, garden in containers like popular zinc planters.

With so many ways to bring the color trends into your garden next season, your garden could be the most fashionable one on the block. Contact or visit Marvin Gardens in Wilton, Connecticut, for great garden accessories.

Image: cbransto via Flickr

Garden-Related Motifs Show Up Throughout NYIGF

After the new florals in home design came out of Maison & Objet, we were happy to see even more garden-related interior design accessories show up at another recent and exciting design event, the New York International Gift Fair. As nice preludes to spring, birds, butterflies and even bugs were spotted as common motifs at NYIGF. Habitually Chic’s Heather Clawson did a great job covering the trends (not only for her blog, but also for national interior design magazine Elle Decor), with a myriad of examples depicting the whimsical and springy new patterns.

These butterfly paperweights from Two’s Company could keep us smiling thinking of lovely spring weather and dreaming of the gardens.

And these elegant pillows from Dransfield & Ross go to show that garden-related motifs like birds and flowers are here to stay.

If you’re planning your spring interior design and garden, contact or visit Marvin Gardens in Wilton, Connecticut, to find the perfect sophisticated accessories.

Images: 1 via Elle Decor; 2 Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic

Gardens Enhance Interior Design

Most people approach their gardens separately from their home’s interior, but thinking of them in conjunction can make for some postcard-worthy views. Think about it: some of your outdoor space can be seen easily from the windows inside, so marrying the interior and exterior will be well worth it.

Design site Freshome did a great piece about maximizing indoor views with landscaping. Here’s some food for thought:

  • From inside, look out the windows to determine which views you’d hate to hide and which ones could use some sprucing up.
  • If your home has large windows, the view outside becomes a part of the interior’s wall. Don’t be matchy-matchy, but use complementary colors inside for a well-thought-out look.
  • Bring some of the outdoors in with potted plants to unify the two spaces.
  • If you want to see even more of the outdoors from your home than you can now, think about adding a sunroom.

Visit Marvin Gardens for all the garden accessories you’ll need to create beautiful indoor views with your landscaping.

Image via Freshome

New Florals in Home Design

At Marvin Gardens we like to keep up with the latest design trends, and what better place to see them emerge than at home design trade shows like last week’s Maison & Objet in Paris? Design blog Apartment Therapy followed the action at the January event, and we were especially excited to see them report on a trend that ties in gardening and design: the new wave of floral patterns showing up on textiles and wallpapers.

These 2011 florals are far from subtle, instead embracing a more dramatic edge. In fact, they’re “over the top, decadent, often dark and very dramatic,” according to Apartment Therapy. Here are a few examples:

Designers Guild Wallpaper
Designers Guild Wallpaper
Decobel Fabric

To keep up with all our updates on design trends, gardening tips and more the second they’re out, like Marvin Gardens on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @MarvinGardensCT.

Images via Apartment Therapy