Happy Memorial Day from Marvin Gardens!

This time of the year is certainly something to be celebrated. With the warmer spring weather and exciting events around every corner, we trust that you’re enjoying the Memorial Day weekend and the spring season so far.

As we celebrate Memorial Day, we thought we would take a look back at some of our most popular posts from the Marvin Gardens Blog. We enjoy using this method of communicating with our clients and friends, and we hope you do too. Simply click on the links below to see our most popular posts.

Prepare Your Garden For Fall Succulents

Marving Gardens

With a Vertical Garden There is No Excuse for No Space

marvin gardens

5 Festive Winter Plants

Marving Gardens

Add a Touch of Cottage Style to Your Home

 Marving Gardens

Do you have a favorite? Leave a comment and let us know about it.  We wish all of you a Happy Memorial Day!

Add Architectural Interest with Garden Obs & Spheres

Along with the fabulous accents and blooming flowers in a garden, your outdoor arrangement should include a few statement pieces that ground the design and provide a focal point. Creating this sort of arrangement doesn’t come easily, which is why we are so enthralled by the use of architectural elements in a garden.

Architectural garden additions are distinctive pieces that add visual interest while providing a dimension of artistry. As you can see from our installations below, the orbs and spheres can be used in large, open areas or alongside a property’s fine landscaping.

What do you think of the orbs? Have you seen them in person yet? If not, we encourage you to stop by Marvin Gardens. Even if an orb may not work for your home, the structures are striking to see in person.


Garden Orb

Garden Orb

Garden Orb

Garden Orb

Marvin Gardens On Site

This is the month for Marvin Gardens to visit private homes and plant out containers. Amabel uses perennials and long lasting annuals to create a luxurious effect in cast iron urns and other containers. The arrangements require only water and admiration – no deadheading or changing out of plant material until the first frost or Thanksgiving, when Holiday decorating begins. Please contact Amabel directly at (203) 856-0309 to make an appointment. Click on the FACEBOOK icon on the home page to take a peek at completed site plantings.

The Beauty of Growing a Garden Vertically

Though the organization in perfectly arranged rows of garden vegetables is endearing, there are many more options for vegetable gardening than you might imagine. One of our favorites is to bring in vertical interest by using an arbor or trellis. Garden Trellis

These structures have offered a sort of sanctuary-look for decades. They make a garden feel like a special destination or enclosed room, even when they’re dressed with simple vegetable plants rather than blooming flowers. These structures also make a lovely display for gardens that are tight on space, bringing the eye upward and taking advantage of new angles.

So, what grows best on trellises? Consider using vining crops that have tendrils for clinging – peas and beans are perfect for this. Another idea for non-climbers such as squash, melons, or tomatoes is to coax them upward using twine.

The process is simply incredible. A trellise begins as a beautiful visual anchor, then transforms with the growth of lush plants, and later becomes a beautiful harvest.


Source and image via Garden Design 

Looking for Local Garden Artistry?

Garden Accessories at Marvin Gardens
Pushing your creative boundaries for gardening is exciting here at Marvin Gardens.

Sometimes the best design items are the ones that are closest to home. We know this because we search high and low, across the country and beyond for the rare and unique garden accessories that you find at Marvin Gardens, yet many of our best products are brought to us by local artists and dealers.

In being an outlet for this sort of design, we’re able to offer the best of both worlds! For the artist, we’re able to provide a location for them to showoff their work. For our clients, you’ll find items that are truly one of a kind and fashioned close to home. From innovative ideas to re-purposed items, these selections are lovely accents to outdoor spaces.

Have you found your specialty garden accessories yet this year? If so, we would love to hear about it! We enjoy hearing how our clients find ways to reinvent and decorate their gardens each year. If you haven’t found these items yet, take a moment to stop by Marvin Gardens this week!

New Garden Elements Arriving Daily at Marvin Gardens

Marvin Gardens - Teak Driftwood Rhino
This teak driftwood rhino is a fabulous example of the specialty pieces you'll find at our shop!

You guessed it – May is one of our favorite months of the year here at Marvin Gardens! As our clients are getting their gardens primed and ready for spring blooms, we are busy making sure that our shop is stocked with one of a kind garden elements that complement those blooms like nothing else.

We already shared with you how our selection of custom cast iron urns is second to none, but we also take the same approach to the entire inventory at our shop. To create a unique garden, you need unique garden décor, so we search high and low for these one of kind pieces. We’re also thrilled to custom design and custom make pieces to suit your garden perfectly. And since new pieces are arriving daily, every time you stop in for a visit you’ll find new inspiration.

If you have an eye for outdoor style or you’d like to learn more about it, we invite you to experience Marvin Gardens this spring!

Cast Iron Urns Customized for a Unique Garden Style

Marvin Gardens UrnsCreating and maintaining a beautiful garden is one of the most involved, yet rewarding projects you can take on in your home. The scale of the project depends entirely on the style of your home and space you’re working with but often, using a few, essential pieces in your garden is enough to make the area all that you want it to be. We recommend doing this by using our beautiful cast iron urns.

A cast iron urn can be as simple or intricate as you want it to be and since every garden is unique, we offer a huge selection of urns for you to choose from – over 200 urns to be exact! When you visit our shop, we encourage you to bring a photo of your home along with you (smartphones are great for this)  so that we can help you determine a form and size that’s most suitable for your style. Then, you can head home to re-evaluate your space.

Afterward, we can help you customize the urn to your exact color preferences with a fresh coat of paint at no charge and complete the project with our delivery services. For our on-site design services, simply contact Marvin Gardens and we would happy to help!

Keep Up with Marvin Gardens This May!

May-Gardener's-MarketOne of our favorite times of the year is going just as planned for Marvin Gardens! We have been staying busy keeping our shop full of the best garden accessories and vintage pieces that are available. Coming up, we will also be busy at various events and markets, and of course we want our readers to be the first to know about our happenings.

This weekend, you’ll find Marvin Gardens at the Greenwich Garden Education Center for their annual May Market. We have had the opportunity to exhibit at the event many times since Marvin Gardens began and we look forward to continuing the tradition!

On May 9th you’ll find us at Heart of the Mart in Brimfield, Massachusetts for a special, one-day-only appearance.

The Elephant’s Trunk is also a great place to catch Marvin Gardens coming up. We’ll be there on early on Sundays – 5:30 a.m. to be exact!

Be sure to stop by our booths and say hello!  And as always, you can stay updated with Marvin Gardens daily by “Liking” us on Facebook.