Signs to Look For That Indicate You’re Over-Watering Your Garden

Watering the Garden
Image via Organic Gardening

Sometimes the simple task of watering your garden can turn into a classic case of too much of a good thing. Proper garden design takes into account the critical role water plays in the survival of plants. All gardeners learn early on to be aware of the dire consequences of insufficient water. This concern with avoiding under-watering and its consequences sometimes results in a temptation to be over-attentive and water too much.

Over-watered plants are basically suffocated: excess moisture in the soil prevents the absorption of vital oxygen. Unfortunately, the early visible cues of over-watering are often very similar to the symptoms of under-watering. Over-watering can result from simply applying too much water too often, or it can be a consequence of faulty garden design that provides inadequate drainage and results in excess water retention in the soil.

Over-watering requires immediate corrective action to avoid plant death. Here are a few of the visual signs of over-watering:

  • Yellowed lower leaves on the plant.
  • A wilted or sagging appearance.
  • Stunted root growth and/or rotting roots.
  • Failure to thrive in the growing cycle.
  • New leaves turn brown quickly.
  • Algae growing in the soil causing a green appearance.

If you notice these signs in your plants, assess your watering habits to know if you need to simply water less or if you need to address an issue with your garden design.  Share your own tips for maintaining a healthy garden on our Facebook page!