Plan a Garden Tea Party This Summer

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Source: Marvin Gardens

Summer is upon us, bringing beautiful weather to New England. Why not take advantage of the warmer temperatures to create a garden tea party with friends? Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Light afternoon tea: This easy to plan idea takes little effort on your part, as all you will need is traditional English tea and a few light snacks. Let the flowers in your garden provide the decoration.
  • The fancy tea party: Adorn a small table with bouquets, floral napkins, tiered cake stands, and vintage china for an intimate gathering.
  • Signature drinks: Use crystal glasses that will sparkle in the sunlight to serve a beverage such as Arnold Palmers. Glasses do not need to match; flea market goblets are a perfect way to add to the charm of the event.
  • High tea: Host a high tea offering guests a four to five course meal along with a range of teas and condiments.
  • Mix matched teacups: Gather a selection of vintage teacups and teapots and let everyone have fun choosing theirs.
  • Themed tea time: Choose a fun tea-related theme, like Alice in Wonderland, and have guests dress the part.

Stop by Marvin Gardens to take a look at our collection of garden accessories to inspire your tea party this summer.

Our New Store Has Officially Opened!

Source: Marvin Gardens Facebook

June 1 was an exciting day for us at Marvin Gardens. After ten years of serving the Wilton area from our location on Route 7, we opened for business just 300 feet north at our new location on Danbury Road. Our location may have changed but we are still proud to offer the unique home and garden items you’ve come to expect from us.

Regardless of what you are looking for, you’re smart to start at our marketplace. Our owner, Amabel Chan, has been searching high and low for the most special pieces to add to the store’s inventory. Greek garden columns? Check! Reclaimed wood benches? Find it here! Indoor vintage accents? You got it! Our new store provides the space, peaceful surroundings, and eclectic atmosphere that will best highlight these unique offerings. A trip to our marketplace is more than just shopping, it is an opportunity to reconnect with your senses and to become inspired.  If you’re ever feeling in need of a creativity boost, an afternoon browsing our store will leave you full of ideas for your home and garden.

We’d love to see you at our new location on Danbury Road! Come and learn what makes our store so incredibly special.

Keep Your Plants Healthy and Safe With a Small Garden Greenhouse

Though summers in New England are beautiful, gardening successfully throughout the four seasons has its challenges. If you are ready to take the next step, a small greenhouse will allow you the flexibility and freedom to garden year round.

garden greenhouse
Image via Marvin Gardens Facebook

When designing an outdoor space, a greenhouse design is available for any size space. People have come up with extremely creative greenhouse designs that blend nicely into current landscapes. However, even a small greenhouse can provide you with the means for successful greenhouse gardening.

There are many advantages to using a greenhouse in your garden. By growing fresh vegetables and herbs in seasons other than summer, you can save on grocery expenses.  No season gardening means that  you control when you want to start or grow plants. In a greenhouse, you can start some plants ahead of time, delay plantings, or even grow plants not normally grown in your area, such as tropical plants.

You can consistently count on good weather in a greenhouse environment. There are no issues with wind, drought, or frost, all things that can damage young plants. Also, a greenhouse serves as good protection against outdoor pests.

Come visit Marvin Gardens and see how we can help you find garden tools, accessories, and decorations to make your garden beautiful, healthy, and easy to care for.

Tips for Creating a Japanese Style Garden

When planning a garden for your New England home, the sheer variety of options for different plants, decor, and hardscaping available to you can be very overwhelming.  One thing that can help you come up with a garden plan is choosing a theme, and a very popular theme is the Japanese style garden.

gardening tips
Image via Marvin Gardens Facebook

This particular type of garden design creates a stylized landscape that captures the peaceful essence of nature. Japanese gardens make use of carefully arranged rocks, bushes, trees, water features, and gravel or sand raked to give the appearance of water ripples.

Traditionally a Japanese garden design was such that it could be viewed from a special place, such as your porch or patio. The traditions of garden design are taken seriously; the Chinese brought gardening to Japan, and it is only appropriate to honor that history with a piece in your own garden, such as this Chinese-inspired statue.

There are several different styles of Japanese garden to consider for your own home:

  • Tea gardens are primarily designed to create a harmonious atmosphere, using rustic materials, low doors, and a calming, winding path.  There is typically an outer garden that encloses guests for a tea ceremony and a small inner garden that you can look at and contemplate.  Lanterns and water features are great additions to this type of garden.
  • For a low-maintenance Japanese-inspired garden, go with the natural style that uses flat stones instead of bridges over water features and doesn’t include man-made elements like lanterns.
  • Strolling pond gardens revolve around a central pond and a wandering path, including benches and sculptures and even bridges.  These gardens are great for quiet contemplation or romantic evenings.

Marvin Gardens is well-equipped to help you with your Japanese inspired garden. Visit us to see our collection of garden design accessories to inspire your own design.

Fermob Bistro Collection…Classic French-Made Patio Collection

Fermob Bistro Table Fermob Chair“Two words epitomise Fermob furniture : Outdoor Lounge. Outdoor, for everything which attracts and draws us outside to recharge our batteries; and Lounge, for our desire to relax and feel at ease. In brief, Fermob furniture is part of the pleasure gained from the positive effects of nature, such as getting together in a garden, improvising a terrace on a beach or creating a green paradise in one’s own back yard… For the ever-increasing number of people who yearn for this lifestyle, Fermob offers a range of innovative and comfortable furniture, in various shapes and sizes which let one’s imagination run wild and encourage numerous creative ideas for decoration, since the furniture is available in a multitude of colours.”

Marvin Gardens is proud to carry Fermob’s  Bistro Collection, made in Thoissey, France.

Folding patio chairs and tables are available in a variety of classic Fermob colors. Special order colors are available as well. Stop in to pick up your set at our new location:

759 Danbury Road

Wilton, CT

Come take a peek at what is new…new arrivals daily!

See you soon!

Marvin Gardens New Store Location

room5Marvin Gardens has settled into a new home at 759 Danbury Road, Wilton as of April 1, 2013. The new location is just several hundred feet north of the old home of 10 years. With the move comes a fresh look, with lots of bright interior space and an expansive exterior. Renovations and improvements continue as the warm weather progresses and planting out becomes part of the daily routine. Stop in to take a peek at the new and improved Marvin Gardens!

Store Hours:

Monday -Saturday 10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Sunday 12 noon – 4:00 p.m.

See you soon!


Springtime Containers: Fun Ways to Arrange Your Succulents

Image via Marvin Gardens

Succulents are great for any season, but while you need to wait until summer to really appreciate your floral arrangements, you can create and enjoy outdoor succulent arrangements as early as the last frost. Succulents are extremely versatile and easy to take care of, owing to their shallow roots, easy propagation, and tolerance of low moisture. The different colors, shapes, and sizes of succulent plants can be combined to create a myriad of arrangements.

You have many choices when choosing an arrangement for your succulents. While you could use a regular pot, if you’re feeling creative you can use more interesting containers. Here’s a beautiful example of a succulent arrangement we made using a stone container. Due to their shallow root system, you can even create vertical succulent arrangements, something you can’t easily do with floral arrangements. Vertical arrangements can even be laid into wreaths and other fun designs.

Contact Marvin Gardens for more ideas to help you plan the perfect arrangements for your succulents. And make sure to take advantage of our moving sale! We’re moving to a new location and holding the sale until March 31st.

Terrarium Inspiration

Terrariums can be the perfect accented touch to any room in your home, office or outdoor living space. Gardens under glass can prosper in nearly any enclosed object that allows light through and requires extremely low-maintenance, making them ideal for anyone. Of course, one of our favorite ways to build these little havens is to re-purpose an object, making the decor perfectly unique. You can easily re-purpose old bottles, vases, aquariums or even an old light bulb for your terrarium.

Image via Flickr

These tiny environments work perfectly as a centerpiece at your dining room table, or an urban environment that lacks that touch of nature, or even as an addition to your outdoor garden. Your terrarium design determines what plants you include and where you place it. Whatever plants you include in your terrarium need to have similar needs so the location suits them all the same. You can easily mimic a miniature desert, jungle, flower patch, beach or any imaginable environment regardless of where you live.

Anyone can create a terrarium and we encourage you to do so! For more information or tips to help get you started with your own terrarium contact us at Marvin Gardens, we can assist you in finding the perfect fit for any space in your life.

Keep Weeds Under Control With These Easy Tips

Get Rid of Garden Weeds
Image via Fine Gardening

When spring has finally sprung, you’ll want to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful weather, not spend your time pulling weeds out of your garden. Here are a few easy things you can do to prevent weeds from ever becoming a problem, courtesy of The Farmer’s Almanac.

  • Mow them down. Keep your lawn well-manicured; mowing regularly (particularly along your property’s edges) to help keep the weeds at bay and stop them from ever invading your garden.
  • Mulch, mulch, mulch. The benefits of mulch cannot be overstated. It provides your plants with important nutrients and enhances garden design tremendously, but, perhaps most importantly, it can block sunlight from reaching the weed seedlings, thus stunting and preventing growth.
  • Stay together. Try planting your seeds closer together than you normally would. The more spread out your plants are across your garden design, the more room you leave open for weeds to sneak in.
  • Ready the guillotine! If weeds have already invaded your garden, one easy way to remove them without spending an entire morning is to just cut off their heads before they get a chance to flower.

Have any other helpful tips for beating back weeds? Share them on our Facebook page!

Container Planting Provided by Marvin Gardens

Container Planting
This container boasts a deep, romantic look.

Building a beautiful garden centers on the inspiration you gather for the space while creating it. At Marvin Gardens, our focus is to help you design an outdoor scene that reflects your individual tastes, regardless of your garden experience. One of the services we provide to help our clients do just this is our on-site container planting.

Creating a lush container full of your favorite flowers and succulents is a stunning addition to any design. What’s more, if you don’t have much experience in container planting, we can arrange everything for you. From the various assortments of plants, to a beautiful container, you can choose all the details or we can help choose them for you.

Also in time for your spring planting, our new plants are arriving daily at Marvin Gardens – perfect for containers! To schedule an on-site container planting, simply contact Amabel by calling 203-856-0309.