Your Pets Can Enjoy Your Garden Too!

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Odds are you’ve put a lot of thought into planning your garden; after all, you have to consider the wants and needs of everyone in your family. However, you don’t want to forget about your pets, because there’s a good chance your pets will spend more time in your garden then you will. The following are a few pet-friendly features that you could implement into your outdoor area:

  • Water Fountain – Set up a fountain and refresh its water on a daily basis with your sprinkler system. This will give your dogs a fun way to keep hydrated.
  • Cat Post – If you have a cat, then why not put up a tall wooden stake? Wrap it in rot-proof rope so that your cat can spend its lazy afternoons climbing up and down as well as scratching the post.
  • Dog House – Give your dogs their own little spot by building a small dog house. Don’t forget to add on a porch so that they can rest easy while enjoying the weather!

These are just a few ways that you can add pet features to your garden. For more assistance planning your garden, contact us at Marvin Gardens USA.

Hate to Mow? Consider a Low-Maintenance Backyard Design

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While almost everyone loves the look of a neatly manicured lawn, I really don’t know too many people that actually enjoy mowing. But mowing might just become a thing of the past if you decide on one of these great outdoor design ideas.

  • Grass isn’t always necessary. Perhaps your yard is heavily treed and growing grass has always been an exercise in futility; if that’s the case, stop trying and replace with trailing vines, decomposed granite or low maintenance drought resistance plants and shrubs.
  • If you still want grass, consider installing a no-mow lawn. The thick sod grows to have an almost shag rug appearance. Mowing isn’t necessary but can be done for a more manicured appearance.
  • Fill in your yard with evergreens and perennials. These are for the most part, very low maintenance, with just a bit of trimming to do once or twice a year. The evergreens stay green year round while the perennials add a touch of color during their blooming season. Consider staggering your perennials so you have something blooming during all the seasons.

Please visit Marvin Gardens online or give us a call today 203-544-2020 for all your landscaping needs.

Decorating With Desert Rose

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Desert Rose is a unique and beautiful stone that provides a great alternative to living roses. Today, we’ll explore some of the many ways this alluring stone can be used in your home’s rock garden.

Using Desert Rose stones that vary in size and shape will stand out when they are used to accent a walkway made with square stones or tile. Rigid geometric lines and smooth, flat textures will contrast with these unique stones in a beautifully striking way.

To create more contrast, surround the stone with colorful garden arrangements. This will bring out the vibrant color of surrounding stones, plants, or other garden design accessories, while also bringing attention to the Desert Rose’s interesting texture.

A Japanese style garden can incorporate these rocks with flora and water features to create a tranquil, comforting outdoor area. Try lining the bridge of your Japanese tea garden with Desert Rose stones, or use them to line walkways like we previously mentioned.

For more tips and trends on garden design accessories, contact us at Marvin Gardens. We’re equipped to help you incorporate any idea into your home garden, so visit us online or call 203-544-2020 today.

Add Classical Beauty and Strength to Your Garden

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Give your garden a classical Mediterranean look with stone and bronze sculptures from Marvin Gardens. These garden design accessories, which are inspired by ancient sculptures, are built to withstand severe weather while adding timeless beauty.

Add a statue of a strong Roman or Greek male on a pedestal base holding up an urn or column as a symbol of strength. This theme,  popular throughout Europe for centuries, can also enhance your pool house as it once decorated the Roman baths.

A  statue of a maiden balancing a flowering urn on her head can respresent the Caryatids of ancient Greece, who supported the columns of the Erechtheum temple at the Acropolis.

Statues and elegant Doric or Corinthian columns can be placed at the entrance to a garden, a courtyard, or near a water element.  The classical statue can be included in a recirculating fountain design with water streaming from the hands of a young woman or Neptune.

Statues carrying urns or various urn-shaped containers on pedestals are garden design accessories that can hold flowering plants and trees.  Urns, flowers and statues can be artfully arranged in groupings by professional landscape architects.

Find the perfect statue to accentuate your garden at Marvin Gardens.

Succulents Can Help Keep Your Yard Fire-Safe

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Local conditions can have an enormous effect on how fire spreads and the rate at which it spreads. For example, arid regions are more prone to wildfires than their humid counterparts because dead and dried-up plant matter ignites more easily and burns faster. You might be interested to learn that the same principle applies on a smaller scale and that plants such as succulents can help reduce the risk of fire.

As their name suggests, succulents are plants with thicker and fleshier parts than other plants. These plants are frequently found in arid regions, where they have adapted to store water; some succulents, such as Haworthia store the water in their leaves, but others store water in their stems and roots. Gardens often feature succulents because of their beautiful appearance, which can be used to highlight their surroundings.

Succulents are slow to burn, making them a beautiful way to make your yard more fire-safe. Similarly, concrete decking are also resistant to fire, meaning that their combination with succulents can help you further fireproof your yard. However, be sure to clear away dead plant matter such as fallen leaves as soon as possible.

For help planning your garden, speak to an expert at Marvin Gardens.

Easy and Beautiful Perennials for Your Container Garden

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Container gardens can be a fun and beautiful addition to any home.  Whether you want to spruce up a porch, add layers to your garden, or you just have a container you absolutely love, growing a container garden can be a fun and easy gardening project.

In honor of Perennial Gardening Month, we want to highlight some excellent perennials that thrive well in containers.  As with a regular garden plan, you need to look at the amount of light your containers will receive and choose plants that thrive in that light level.

Perennials that grow best with at least six hours of direct sunlight:

  • Blanketflowers: These plants can withstand some pretty tough conditions, and they produce cheerfully colorful flowers similar to daisies in reds, oranges, yellows, and burgundies.
  • Penstemon: These scrub-like plants reach 2 to 5 feet in height and feature tubular flowers in red, pink, purple, white, and coral.
  • Daylilies: These gorgeous flowers come in a wide variety of colors, sometimes with more than one color on a single flower.  They do need to be kept regularly watered when blooming.

Perennials to use in shady spots:

  • Foxglove: For containers, you can choose between the foxy, excelsior, and gloxiniflora varieties, which only reach 2 to 3 feet.
  • Hellebore: These plants are ideal for bordering windows and walkways with their attractive spring flowers that begin to bloom early in the season.
  • Hosta: Appreciate these plants’ huge oval or heart-shaped leaves that come in a range of tones from deep green to chartreuse.

If you want to find some fun containers and creative ideas for your container garden, come visit us at Marvin Gardens.  We’d love to see you!

Succulents Make Gorgeous Centerpieces for Weddings and Every Day


Colorful succulent arrangements can provide long-lasting, rich color and add interesting texture to your table or patio whether for a special occasion or for everyday entertaining. These understated, intricate, and enduring plants add sophistication to create breathtakingly beautiful wedding bouquets or exquisite reception centerpieces at the most memorable events.

succulents in clamshell

Fun and beautiful succulent arrangements can be made using green-hued and fleshly, thick-leaved plants, like kalanchoe or crassula (including Jade plants) accented with the interesting forms or textures of Kalanchoe thyrsiflora (commonly called flapjacks) and Echeverias, which come in many colors.  At Marvin Gardens, we enjoy creating interesting and unusual succulent arrangements for indoor and outdoor use.  Our one-of-a-kind creations can add a quirky ambiance to a fun outdoor space or they can be arranged as elegant centerpieces that allow conversation to flow intimately across a dinner table.

We have also found that succulent displays can be used throughout your home to add a lushness in unexpected ways, such as along a garden wall, or tucked into an alcove, and not just as centerpieces or bouquets. Best of all, with minimal care and virtually no watering, you can expect these arrangements to last year round!

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Living Wall

If you like the look of succulents, come visit Marvin Gardens, where we will help you create the right annual or perennial succulent arrangement for every occasion.

Mention Seeing Our Blog Posts and Get 10% Off Perennials Through Mother’s Day

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If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift that will give your mom joy, Marvin Gardens can help you and save you a little money at the same time.

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Perennials make great gifts as they will continue to bloom year after year. They’ll even come back each spring right around Mother’s Day – it’s like the gift that keeps on giving!

If mom is in the process of planning her garden for the season, know that perennials will make an awesome addition to her outdoor space. Why?

  • There’s a wide variety of perennials out there, each of which bloom in different ways and at different times.
  • By picking perennials that flower at different times throughout the year you can give the gift of flowers all growing season.
  • Perennials such as irises grow bigger year to year, the ability to dig them up and separate them means a gift that keeps on giving.
  • Some perennials have attractive foliage so even when not fully bloomed, they’re still absolutely beautiful!
  • Mom doesn’t need a large space for a garden. Some perennials can even flourish in pots.

Come on in and visit us at our new Marvin Gardens location. We can help you pick the perfect perennial for your mom.

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Why a Firepit Is Still Useful in Warm Weather

There is something very communal and almost tribal about gathering around a fire. Our ancestors did it, and there’s a reason we still enjoy doing it so much. In addition to being able to use a fire pit for cooking, it’s a great focal point for a gathering.

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Just because the weather is getting warmer doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from having a fire pit in your yard. Not only are they pleasant to look at, but they can also add an extra level of relaxation to your space.

What you want to use your fire pit for will help determine which one is right for you. There are the open fire pits in which you can cook or roast marshmallows over. There are pits which are large and surrounded by brick and stay in one place, which are great for entertaining guests. You can also get fire pits which look like old wood stoves, bringing a very homey feel to your outdoors. These are great for relaxing next to while reading a book or spending time with your family.

Make the most out of your summer nights with a fire pit! Contact us for more information or inspiration for adding a fire pit to your home in Connecticut.

Fermob Bistro Collection…Classic French-Made Patio Collection

Fermob Bistro Table Fermob Chair“Two words epitomise Fermob furniture : Outdoor Lounge. Outdoor, for everything which attracts and draws us outside to recharge our batteries; and Lounge, for our desire to relax and feel at ease. In brief, Fermob furniture is part of the pleasure gained from the positive effects of nature, such as getting together in a garden, improvising a terrace on a beach or creating a green paradise in one’s own back yard… For the ever-increasing number of people who yearn for this lifestyle, Fermob offers a range of innovative and comfortable furniture, in various shapes and sizes which let one’s imagination run wild and encourage numerous creative ideas for decoration, since the furniture is available in a multitude of colours.”

Marvin Gardens is proud to carry Fermob’s  Bistro Collection, made in Thoissey, France.

Folding patio chairs and tables are available in a variety of classic Fermob colors. Special order colors are available as well. Stop in to pick up your set at our new location:

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Come take a peek at what is new…new arrivals daily!

See you soon!