Fall is a Great Time to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

Source: luigi diamanti via Freedigitalphotos.net

Just getting started is often the hardest step in planting a spring garden. With all the work involved, it can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. A great solution to this annual problem is to start the work in the fall.  Here are some easy ways to get ready for next year’s planting:

Compost Heaps – While not directly beneficial to the garden at this point, it will allow you to jump start it when the spring finally arrives. Just keep adding your compostable material and rotating it throughout the off-season.

Cover Crops – In addition to preventing soil erosion, the right cover crop can add valuable nutrients and minerals to your garden with little or no effort from you. Some good choices are rye, buckwheat and clover.

Discarded Leaves – Collect them, shred them and add a 2” layer over your garden bed. They will decompose over the winter. In the spring, you can then turn them into the soil to keep it loose and mineral-rich for your new plants.

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