A Home Inspired by French Châteaus

While enduring this extremely hot summer and longing for an escape to the French countryside, we came across a beautiful home inspired by Paris in Veranda Magazine. When the owner of the home wanted to add a Parisian feel to her beach side home, she went to interior designer Betty Burgess, who is known on the West Coast for her classic European style. The California residence features a soft palette of blues, greys and creams with black and chocolate accents gives the home the rustic charm of an old French château while still complementing the home’s West Coast location. We loved that Burgess used many of the homeowner’s antiques and art work to complete the look with a personal touch.

Take a look at some more images from Veranda that we also found inspiring.

We’d love to hear from you, what did you think about the Paris-inspired home?

Photos: Veranda | Photography by Roger Davies

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More of La Fiorentiana…

La Fiorentina is such a beautiful place, we couldn’t resist giving you a few more shots this absolutely gorgeous place.

At the request of the villa’s owner Therese de Beauchamp, circa 1917, writer/architect-landscape gardener Ferdinand Bac sought to better distinguish the entrance with a kind of monumental pillar enclosure.

When interior decorator Billy Baldwin designed the interior for Mr. and Mrs. Harding Lawrence in the 1960’s, he used every imaginable shade of blue – from the sofa pillows to the checkerboard floor.

What are your thoughts on Baldwin’s vision (below)?

"There's a deep respect for good design whether it be of man or nature, old or new, indigenous or imported. It's all a part of the young vibrant American lifestyle the Lawrences have brought to La Fiorentina. And La Fiorentina, with reason, is absolutely delighted." - Billy Baldwin

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor: A look at La Fiorentina

Whether discussing garden design, interior design or even fashion – great style is great style, and it is usually unique.

When it comes to great style, Elizabeth Taylor was one of the top icons of her day. Recently, Vogue Magazine released a few photos of her at La Fiorentina in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat France taken in 1967.

Taylor was a regular guest at the Palladian-style villa which, as noted on Habitually Chic, had a very interesting design history.

An Alexandra Lloyd Properties website states that it was built in 1917 by the countess Therese de Beauchamp on a vast piece of land which occupies the extreme end of the Saint Hospice point of the Saint Jean Cap Ferrat peninsula.
In 1969, La Fiorentina was decorated by interior designer Billy Baldwin for his clients, Harding and Mary Lawrence.