Hiding Charming Animals in Your Garden

animal-statueA novel outdoor design idea is to incorporate animal statues into your garden layout. Unlike real animals that are never around when you want to show off your garden or that eat and dig up your plants, no-hassle replica animals safely create the illusion of a populated habitat.

At Marvin Gardens, we carry a wide array of birds, woodland critters, and larger beasts made from high quality materials designed to outlast the elements of nature. Our sculptures range from meticulously detailed and elegant models to quirky and delightful folk-art style creations.

It’s easy to create vignettes full of character and humor with our farmhouse animals or add a bit of exotic mystery with creatures like elephants and koi.  If you prefer a natural look, woodland creatures appear as though they just wandered into your garden.

If you’re considering adding an animal display to your garden, be sure you choose statues that are appropriate for your space, taking into consideration both size and visual appeal. To fill your garden menagerie with animal statuary, visit us at Marvin Gardens today and see what we have in stock!

Delightful Succulent and Sedum Assortments to Boost Garden Style

In every garden there are certain plants that tend to draw all of the attention. In some areas of the garden, it could be the bright, vibrant plants. In others, it’s the plants that have a unique, intricate look. Many of these arrangements are often succulent and sedum arrangements. As you can see from the images below, the look created with these beautiful plants is a brilliant one.

Succulent and Sedum Assortment

Succulent and Sedum Assortment

Succulent and Sedum Assortment

Our newest batches of succulents are quite impressive aren’t they? When you stop by Marvin Gardens to peruse the selections, our team will even pot them for you in your favorite faux bois or iron container while you continue browsing.

We will also be making a presentation on April 18 on “Succulent Arrangements in Stone Containers” for the New Canaan Beautification League at the New Canaan Nature Center – be sure to mark your calendars to learn more about using these plants to boost your garden style.

As we get ready for a season full of gardening and planting, have you had a chance to stop by our shop yet? Our newest pieces are flawless and we look forward to sharing them with you!