Enjoy Unique Garden Seating from Marvin Gardens

Enjoying a garden happens in many different ways. Whether you’re looking out a kitchen window to view the scene or walking through the area to take in the peaceful setting, enjoying your home’s outdoor spaces is one of the most wonderful aspects of the spring season. With official start of spring only a few days away, we wanted to make sure you are taking full advantage of all your outdoors offers by taking it in with the appropriate garden seating.

 garden seating

In an outdoor living space, there are several things that should be considered must–haves and one of them is sufficient sources of seating. Benches, chairs, and loungers take on an important role when you’re ready to entertain or just relax outside. Guests need seating arrangements so that they can settle in to appreciate the garden, just as you do.


That’s why at Marvin Gardens, we offer unique garden furniture pieces perfect for a creative sitting space. Stop by our shop soon for a little garden inspiration!

The Power of Art

The power of classical art could and should never be underestimated. Take a look at these photos and you’ll know exactly what we mean. We came across these shots by Heather Clawson over at Habitually Chic and we found them to be so inspiring that we just had to share them. They’re of statues in Florence and The Louvre by Christopher Draghi at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and simply bleed beauty. It’s amazing how much detail was put into each and every inch of these sculptures and how much of a story they seem to tell with every finely chiseled bit. Marvin Gardens would like to know, what artistic pieces do you love the most and find to be the most inspiring?

Photo Credit: Photos by Heather Clawson via Habitually Chic