A Walk in the Gardens with Stella McCartney!

What a treat! The tranquil British gardens of designer and fashionista Stella McCartney were recently featured over at Habitually Chic and are simply gorgeous! The gardens are home to dozens of little nooks and crannies that are all perfect for some solitary meditation time to reflect, maybe enjoy a picnic or just read a chapter or two of your favorite book. Perhaps our favorite things about these gardens is that they look as if they’ve been around for years and years even though they’re fairly new. And they possess such charm!

Take a look below at some of our favorite garden shots from HC’s collection. They’re simply beautiful!

Photo Credit: Habitually Chic

A Peek into the Home of Designer Manolo Blahnik

Photographs of the Spanish fashion designer Manolo Blahnik at his beautiful Georgian house in Bath, England by Ivan Terestchecnko recently popped up over at Habitually Chic and we just had to take a closer look at them. Amongst Terestchecnko’s stunning photos are shots of Blahnik with his massive collection of books a trough of shoes that bear his name.  Marvin Gardens just loves the details of this cozy home and, ass Habitually Chic puts it, there’s something “quintessentially England” about the cluttered look of his abode and even more so, the classic English colors. But it’s the finer details of things like its rugs, fireplace, workstation and living room that really transform this house into a home. What are some of the details that make your house a home?

Photos Credit: Ivan Terestchenko via Style Frizz

Trading in Summer for Fall: A Look at Autumn-Inspired Rooms

At Marvin Gardens, the ambiance of the interior of the home fascinates us just as much as its exterior—after all, a perfectly manicured garden is nothing without a cozy abode to nestle up to! So, in light if the fact that tomorrow is the first official day of fall, we thought we’d take a look at some of out favorite autumn-inspired interiors from various designers as presented to us by Habitually Chic. We suggest that you use these early fall weeks to put away the light summer blankets, bring out the heavier wool quilts, trade your cool summer colors in for warm earth tones and swap the cold iced teas for comforting, hot seasonal ones. What’s your routine when preparing your home for the changing of the seasons from summer to fall?

Bunny Williams
Gil Schafer
Nathan Turner

Photo Credit: Habitually Chic

A Twist on The Traditional Wedding Bouquet

If you’re in the process of planning a wedding, you know that there are a number of options for virtually every last detail that needs to be decided on. There’s black and white and then every shade of gray in between when it comes to picking out items like invitations, centerpieces,  cakes, venues…and of course, let’s not forget dresses. But we here at Marvin Gardens think that one particular designer of yesteryear had the right idea when it came to navigating through the plethora of options: less is more. Constance Spry, known to many as “The Original Wedding Planner” was responsible for designing the flowers for the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and chose a more simplistic approach to the couple’s royal decor. In fact, through a little creative ingenuity, she created masterpieces of not just fancy flowers like roses but weeds and even kale.

Thanks to Habitually Chic, we found some fun photos from of Spry’s  traditional, yet minimalist style. Now if only Lady Spry was around today to help us wade through today’s obstacle course of wedding planning, we’d be in good shape!

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