Give Your Porch A “Pick-Me-Up”

No matter what type of seasonal porch you have, you can work to make it an inviting and relaxing gathering spot or at-home getaway with a few simple design tricks.

Adirondack-style chairs are always perfect for lounging around on. Consider purchasing a set in a natural finish and then painting them to match a pre-determined color scheme that you’ve chosen.

If you're feeling bold, turn this...
...into this!

If you’re designing or upgrading on a budget, you may want to limit your bold colors to accessories. They are less expensive than large pieces of furniture and easier to update when you crave a change.

Tiny porch?

Another consideration to think about when furnishing your porch is the size of the space. You can make the most of a small porch with slender furniture, such as a small bistro table-and-chair set. It will give you functional seating while not overcrowding the space as a larger furniture set would.