A Peek into the Home of Designer Manolo Blahnik

Photographs of the Spanish fashion designer Manolo Blahnik at his beautiful Georgian house in Bath, England by Ivan Terestchecnko recently popped up over at Habitually Chic and we just had to take a closer look at them. Amongst Terestchecnko’s stunning photos are shots of Blahnik with his massive collection of books a trough of shoes that bear his name.  Marvin Gardens just loves the details of this cozy home and, ass Habitually Chic puts it, there’s something “quintessentially England” about the cluttered look of his abode and even more so, the classic English colors. But it’s the finer details of things like its rugs, fireplace, workstation and living room that really transform this house into a home. What are some of the details that make your house a home?

Photos Credit: Ivan Terestchenko via Style Frizz