New Wallpaper Trends

We showed you some beautiful metallic wallpapers at the end of December, but there are still other wallpaper trends we wanted to share with you. Going beyond simple paint and updating walls with wallpaper is becoming more and more popular lately. Like David Klaus at Graham & Brown told ShelterPop, “People are finally moving away from just a feature wall and are once again wallpapering two, three and four walls in a room.” ShelterPop also compiled the latest trends in wallpaper, so here’s what you need to know to stay up-to-date:

  • Some papers these days offer beautiful texture and can be painted on in case you want to change the color.
  • Wallpapers are starting to match textiles in a room, like having upholstery or curtains in the same pattern as the walls.
  • Papers are featuring hand-designed, classic patterns.

So, are you planning to bring wallpaper into your home in 2011?

Image: Graham & Brown via ShelterPop