Garden Gates That Tell a Story

Marvin Gardens - Garden Gate
A unique garden gate is much more than just a functional piece, it's a special find!

Upon entering a garden, the goal is to immediately feel a sense of relaxation. Though the specific garden design is completely dependent on its designer, we feel like the entrance is what can define a guest’s first impression of the space. To make it a truly lasting one, consider the use of a vintage or antique garden gate.

As any garden does, a garden gate should tell a story about you. These gates are much more than just functional aspects of the design. Instead of just an entrance, one of these elegant gates can be used to improve the ambiance of the space. Their wrought iron style and limited availability make them a perfectly unique addition for your garden.

To ensure that you find a garden gate that custom suits your style, simply stop by Marvin Gardens. We offer garden gates that are vintage, antique, reproduction styles, and much more!

Design Your Own Garden Oasis, Year Round

In the harsh winters of the northeast, the challenge of creating a year round garden seems out of the question. But imagine designing your own lush paradise, full of the unique and exquisite plants that you admire. Fortunately, there are ways to keep this environment accessible all the time, with a clever greenhouse.

For decades, master architects and garden enthusiasts have designed greenhouses that ensure a thriving garden throughout the year. Take a look at some of these inspiring greenhouses from all over the world.


Built by ON Design Partners, this Japanese greenhouse provides access to lively plants and fresh vegetables (used for local restaurants) in the middle of a busy city.


This contemporary greenhouse, designed by Gora Art & Landscape is situated in a Sweden courtyard.

Some additional stunning greenhouse designs.




Designing a greenhouse is something that can be done in virtually any space. Even with just a few square feet and sunlight, a remarkable greenhouse can be created to keep you connected with nature all year round. Next, we’ll share more with you about how to create your very own greenhouse.

What do you think of these greenhouses?

Images via Garden Design (1-2), Etsy (3), EcoFriend ( 45

Everything You Need to Know About the Philadelphia Flower Show

It’s finally time! We have been sharing with you our excitement for the Philadelphia Flower Show for months now, and this weekend marks the opening weekend of the phenomenal show. As you can imagine, Marvin Gardens has been busy getting ready for the show, bringing in new merchandise and setting up our space at Booth #301.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to research the event and purchase tickets, we wanted to make sure you have all the information you need. The Show will run from March 4th through March 11th and will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center (12th & Arch Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19107-2299). Tickets may be purchased online and there’s also a floorplan available that you can use to find us! There will be dozens of special surprises as well, like a special “Man Cave” for guests who need to relax for a bit.

Visiting the Philadelphia Flower Show has always been a wonderful experience for us and we look forward to seeing each of you at the event as well!

You'll find garden inspiration at every corner at this year's Philadelphia International Flower Show!


Image via M T Miller

A Fanciful Find – The European Factory Mirror

European Factory MirrorToday we are excited to share with you yet another special find that our team at Marvin Gardens has just acquired. Arriving soon, this impressive European Factory Mirror is just what we’ve been looking for, for our vast garden collections.

The design possibilities for a garden accessory of this nature are endless. We all know that with an interior space, a mirror helps to open up a space, making the room seem larger and more grand – so what better area to recreate the same ambiance than in the garden, where the more openness, the better!

The size of the mirror is just remarkable. Standing 7.5’ high and 5’ wide, the grandness of the piece creates a bold statement. Built during the early 1900’s, the mirror also offers us a glimpse into the architecture and designs of the time over a century ago. The piece is absolutely stunning and we look forward to sharing it with you all! Stop by the Marvin Gardens shop soon to view the stunner.



Wrought Iron Inspirations for Your Spring Garden

You have probably already starting planning the lavish and distinctive elements for your landscape this year. As you all are well aware, at Marvin Gardens we value the uniqueness of each and every landscape element. Whether a piece is of personal value for you or if it something you handpicked from our shop, distinctive landscape elements enable each of us to unleash a new appreciation for creativity!

One garden element that has always been a favorite of ours is the use of wrought iron in driveways, garden gates, fencing, and other features. The look promotes a bold style that is as classic as it is elegant. Just take a look at these images for some wrought iron inspiration.

What do you think you could do with some of these pieces?

wrought iron
wrought iron
wrought iron

wrought iron

wrought iron

As always, our inventory at Marvin Gardens is constantly changing so be sure to stop to see what unique garden items we currently have available!

Showcasing the Marvin Gardens Product Line!

When you visit Marvin Gardens (or our new satellite location at Hiden Galleries!) you can expect to have a new shopping experience. Rather than stocking our shop with generic products that can be found at any landscaping store, Marvin Gardens features products that stimulate your creativity. With dozens of unique planters, urns, and other garden accessories, you’ll be able to make your landscape a true original. If you’re looking for something specific, we likely carry that too. Take a look at the impressive Marvin Gardens Product Line.

Cast Iron Urns

Wrought Iron Driveway, Garden Gates, and Fencing

Cast Stone and Cement Planters

Zinc and Lead Planters 

Contemporary and Vintage Statuary 

Vintage Birdbaths 

Vintage Industrial Bins

Metal Folk Art Animals





Custom Iron Sculptures

Antique and Vintage Architectural Elements 

Interior Furnishings and Accessories 

Vintage and Antique Lighting

Antique Hand Hewn Beams and Floorboards

Specialty/Exotic Perennials and Annuals such as Citrus Trees 

Australian Tree Ferns 

Succulents and Tillandsia 

Vintage Garden Tools 

Garden Design Services

And a multitude of other Garden Elements and Accessories!

Wondering how to incorporate these items into your landscape? We would be happy to help! Just stop by Marvin Gardens at 713 Danbury Road in Wilton, CT to get started!

With unique plants such as this Tillandsia Xerographica, we can help you create a sophisticated, original garden.