Add French Flair To Your Garden Style

As much as we love our gardens here in the northeastern United States, its no secret that much of our garden inspiration comes from across the ocean. As a matter of fact, several of our antique pieces at Marvin Gardens are originals or replicates of items found in Europe. What tends to makes these offshore gardens so special is their inherent elegance. The formality of a French garden for example, is one that exudes landscape architecture, great detail, and pristine maintenance. To add a bit a French flair to your own garden style, check out these gardens for inspiration.

For a courtyard setting, this one has it all. With its clean lines, neatly trimmed hedges, and a monochromatic gravel color scheme, the setting is simple and formal.

French Garden

Speaking of gravel, a gravel path is notoriously found in French gardens. They provide a clear cut, steady walkway for enjoying the garden.

French Garden

To create interest, French garden often display a wonderful mix of geometric patterns and floral arrangements. Mixes of flowers add color, while interesting plant beds are designed to bring dimension.

French Garden

And of course, what French garden would be complete without a space to enjoy it all in?

 French Garden

For more garden design inspiration, head over to Marvin Gardens this fall. We have many new pieces of garden décor and a lot happening at our shop – you won’t want to miss it!

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