Show Off Drought Resistant Plants This Fall

Even for the most avid gardeners, we can sometimes forget the number one rule when it comes to garden upkeep – watering the plants. After all, even with all the fabulous garden décor and outdoor accessories around, what’s a garden without a few plants?

Drought Resistant Plants

Drought resistant plants such as the Threadleaf Tickseed are a beautiful way to liven up a garden during the late summer season.

Fortunately, for those who tend to skip out on the watering, there are still great options. Since our goal is to help you create unique garden spaces, full of unexpected and charming pieces, we have rounded up some beautiful, drought tolerant plants. If you thought your only options were cactus related, think again! Once established, these plants flourish in the northeast even through less water.

Russian Sage – With lavender blooms and its silvery color, this foliage is a great accent in a garden.

Threadleaf Tickseed – If you’re a fan of daisies, you’ll find these flowers perfect throughout the fall season.

Yarrow – For an added bit of color, this plant livens up a dull design.

Beautiful, lively flowers are just the start of a fabulous garden design. With great things in the works here at Marvin Gardens, you’ll want to pay close attention to our blog over the next several months! We have several great announcements coming up soon so check back on our blog soon!


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