Red’s Roadside Attraction Has a Facebook Page!

Red's Roadside Attraction on Facebook

We've been very excited about the continued support of Red's Roadside Attraction, our newest venture at Marvin Gardens.  This new food stand has expanded its menu since it opened, and we've introduced some exciting specials like homemade salsa and the Red's Splash drink. One of the easiest ways to keep up with the news about Red's Roadside Attraction is … [Read more...]

Bring Garden Decor Inside for Fall Interior Design

Natural Fall Decor

At some point during your outdoor design adventures, you’ll likely hit a point at which you are ready to expand your plans for your landscape design. For those homeowners that just enjoy time outdoors, consider the idea that outdoor design elements could follow you inside your home. During the fall, we have the wonderful opportunity to bring what we love … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Fabulous Setting This Fall at Red’s

Red's in Wilton CT

If you have spent much time with us here at Marvin Gardens, then you probably already understand that we have a great appreciation for untapped potential in unexpected places. Our garden décor at Marvin Gardens is a fabulous example of this style and now, Red’s Roadside Attraction is showing off a similar theme. Not only will you find great … [Read more...]