Green Curtains That Save Energy?

We talked about Italian architect Gaetano Pesce’s vertical gardens in a post a few weeks ago and about the beneficial impact they have on space maximization but did you know they can also conserve energy? According to recent news from, the Japanese company Kyocera Group decided to attempt to cool off buildings with foliage and thus, the “Green Curtain” was born! ReNest notes that the curtains of leaves, vines and other plant matter blocks the sunlight out and decreases the temperature of the building by as much as 27° F. Who needs air conditioning anyway?!


According to Kyocera, the curtains at their buildings in Japan, Thailand, and Brazil stretch a total length of 725m (2,379ft), covering a total area of 3,043m2 (32,750ft2) — an increase of roughly 4 times the area of last year. Throughout their annual growth cycle, these Green Curtains will absorb an estimated 10,651kg of carbon dioxide (23,481lbs. of CO2), or roughly the same amount as 761 cedar trees. For people who want to try this at home, the company’s website has instructions for preparing the soil, constructing the netting, planting, and maintaining the green curtains. Learn more at Kyocera Group Green Curtain Activities.

Photo Credit: Kyocera