Prepare Your Garden for Fall Succulents

Succulents are one of Marvin Gardens favorite types of plants to keep in the winter time. Not only are they strong, durable and can strive in the most arid of conditions but also require very little maintenance and adds plenty of flavor to any garden space. There are a variety of sizes, species and colors of these plants to choose from.

Take a look at a simple list of tips from for successfully growing these fun plants:

1)  Prepare your garden area. Succulents thrive in full sun, with sandy, well drained soils. Remove weeds and till the soil, breaking up any hard clumps and removing rocks.

2) Choose which succulents to plant in the garden. Mass smaller plants around larger focal point plants or do massed plantings of a single variety. Popular varieties of succulents include aloe, cacti, sedums and jade plants.

3) Lay out the garden. Arrange the plants, while still potted, to get an idea of how everything will look. Choose layouts that will draw the eye towards the focal plants.

4) Plant the succulents in the garden. Use a hand trowel to dig holes slightly larger than the root ball of the plants. Leave the base of the plant slightly above the edge of the garden soil.

5) Water the succulents. Water them well to help the roots take hold, but don’t water on a daily basis. Unlike other plants, succulents don’t need daily watering after planting, and will only require occasional watering afterward.

Photo Credit: Hauty Culture