Marvin Garden’s Philosophy

Here at Marvin Gardens, our philosophy is simple.  We believe in using the process of creation and mind-shifting to add genuine value to one’s garden, home and life. By creating new designs, resurrecting new life out of old, breaking the patterns of trendsetters, being a style maker, breaking out of old patterns of thought in all other aspects of life helps to emphasize one’s own uniqueness and individuality. Marvin Gardens is proud to provide the consumer with innovative ideas and eclectic home and garden elements to enhance this philosophy. Take a look at a few items from our latest collection that break the mold and have a new breath of life in them.

Vine Orb
Vintage Factory Lathe - will make great trough/planter
Philadelphia Gates -- vintage/antique.
Double petal impatiens, ponytail, streptacarpa

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