The Overlooked Benefits of Landscape Hedges

When you look through pictures of luxuriously landscaped gardens, many of them feature some classic qualities. Among the classic design elements, hedges are often one of the binding features that set a garden apart. For centuries, European gardens used hedges to section off properties, block views, or enclose grand estates. Today, many homeowners miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on many of these same benefits.

Garden Hedges

Garden hedges are much more than just something for the history books. The “living fences” provide a stunning way to frame a home’s landscape and to provide privacy. In many residences, we’re seeing several forms of hedges used to provide visual interest and unique design. Hedges can now be found in layers, various hedges, and even in a range of colors.

Garden Hedges

Have you ever considered the use of garden hedges at your own home? What do you think of the look?

Garden Hedges

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A Piece to Peak Your Interest

strong man with ice cream
This strong man with ice cream is a fantastic example of adding a touch of flair to a space.

In any home design there should be at least one element that boasts unexpected, yet interesting qualities. A space that has an extra design element, a bold color, or a unique feature, tends to be remarkable and memorable. On the contrary, spaces that have nothing unique to offer tend to end up looking generic and undistinguished. That’s why at Marvin Gardens, we feel that a piece to peak your interest has become a necessity for any design scheme!

After looking through our gallery of inventory (which is always changing) you might have noticed that many of our garden and interior accessories are one of a kind. In offering products that are visually interesting, we help our customers achieve a distinctive look for their home that won’t be replicated anywhere else.

As you look through the garden and home accessories on our Facebook page, can you think of any pieces in your own home that showcase creative qualities? We would love to hear about them!

Custom Refinishing Offered at Marvin Gardens!

Custom refinished furniture is a great way to boost the style and individuality of a space!

The goal in any home design is to create a space as custom and unique as possible. Though it may seem easy, discovering your own personal style amidst the onslaught of generic home products can actually be quite a challenge. At Marvin Gardens, our goal is to bring clients of blend of items from many styles and functions so that you can create a design specific to your tastes. One of the ways we do this is to offer custom refinishing for furniture.

As one of the largest design elements in your indoor and outdoor space, furniture is certainly something that should close care should be dedicated to. Furniture welcomes you to a space and then makes the space more comfortable while you’re there – this is how refinishing comes into play.

To accent your style, we can refinish your furniture in whatever way you choose, creating a truly exceptional look that won’t be replicated anywhere. To learn more about these services and more, just contact Marvin Gardens by calling 203.544.2020!

Enjoy Unique Garden Seating from Marvin Gardens

Enjoying a garden happens in many different ways. Whether you’re looking out a kitchen window to view the scene or walking through the area to take in the peaceful setting, enjoying your home’s outdoor spaces is one of the most wonderful aspects of the spring season. With official start of spring only a few days away, we wanted to make sure you are taking full advantage of all your outdoors offers by taking it in with the appropriate garden seating.

 garden seating

In an outdoor living space, there are several things that should be considered must–haves and one of them is sufficient sources of seating. Benches, chairs, and loungers take on an important role when you’re ready to entertain or just relax outside. Guests need seating arrangements so that they can settle in to appreciate the garden, just as you do.


That’s why at Marvin Gardens, we offer unique garden furniture pieces perfect for a creative sitting space. Stop by our shop soon for a little garden inspiration!

The Lavish Look of a Garden Trellis

Tapping into your creative juices can come more easily for some than others. Since a landscape design reflects the style and aesthetic of those who dwell in it, sometimes gathering a little inspiration for your home is the best place to start.

One of the ways we have seen creativity flourish is through the use of our beautiful trellises. In garden design, there is a host of ways that trellises can be used to amplify the lavish look of the garden. Since garden trellises are a product that we enjoy bringing to our clients, we thought we would gather up some of our favorite ways to display the beautiful feature.

Garden Trellis

Garden Trellis

Garden Trellis

Garden Trellis

Did you notice all the different ways to display a trellis? Installing a garden trellis opens up a  world of possibilities for  your landscape and adds character to the area by allowing plants to continue to thrive.

In what other ways have you been creative in your garden lately? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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Design Your Own Garden Oasis, Year Round

In the harsh winters of the northeast, the challenge of creating a year round garden seems out of the question. But imagine designing your own lush paradise, full of the unique and exquisite plants that you admire. Fortunately, there are ways to keep this environment accessible all the time, with a clever greenhouse.

For decades, master architects and garden enthusiasts have designed greenhouses that ensure a thriving garden throughout the year. Take a look at some of these inspiring greenhouses from all over the world.


Built by ON Design Partners, this Japanese greenhouse provides access to lively plants and fresh vegetables (used for local restaurants) in the middle of a busy city.


This contemporary greenhouse, designed by Gora Art & Landscape is situated in a Sweden courtyard.

Some additional stunning greenhouse designs.




Designing a greenhouse is something that can be done in virtually any space. Even with just a few square feet and sunlight, a remarkable greenhouse can be created to keep you connected with nature all year round. Next, we’ll share more with you about how to create your very own greenhouse.

What do you think of these greenhouses?

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