“Falling Garden” Immerses Guests into a Garden of Whimsy

The stunningly showcased “Falling Garden” art installation aims to uproot ones traditional perception of botanical beauty and we just love the wonder it creates. By suspending various plant life from around the world, modern Swiss artists, Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger, enable one to experience flora in a new way: from the ground, looking up. The viewer participates by lying on the floor and gazing above. There, surrounded by a floating sea of color and whimsy, the experience is meant to transport one into a state of peaceful tranquility.

Falling Garden

The installation of the piece in an Italian 17th-century mausoleum further adds to the spectacle. By juxtaposing the presence of death below the viewer with the abundant life and promise of renewal above, the exquisiteness and harmony of the suspended flowers is made much more significant.


Falling Garden

Overall, the mix of garden life with a unique historic backdrop creates a dreamlike vision. “Falling Garden” can be seen as inspirational in bringing vintage or antique repurposed tokens into your own garden. In doing so you can capture a whimsical feel that makes your garden a truly special place.

What do you think of the installation?


Images via Garden Design 

Creative Outdoor Living Encourages More Homeowners to Stay Home

You can increase the square footage of your home if you know where to look – simply open the door and there it is!  The search for luxurious outdoor spaces is on the rise as plans for “staycations” increase due to the lagging economy and the need to de-stress.

Whether it’s an antique bird bath, waterfall statue, steaming hot tub or sparkling pool, your own yard can be transformed into a relaxing retreat. The backyard of your dreams can become a reality with a few pieces of freshly refurbished wicker. Then, add side tables plus an outdoor rug and you’ve created a comfortable living area under the stars. Fashion an outdoor dining space as simple as a picnic table and grill, or as elaborate as an outdoor kitchen and stone fireplace.

Perk up a front porch with vintage rockers, grandma’s braided rug and planters with lush greenery. Suddenly that long-abandoned porch becomes a comfy place to unwind.

Need help imagining your outside oasis? Marvin Gardens is brimming with unique and vintage pieces to make your outdoor space “staycation” worthy.

Outdoor Living Areas
Outdoor living is perfected when you have just enough to make the space comfortable and inviting.

The Beauty Behind a Rain Garden

Rain Garden
A rain garden provides a beautiful setting for creating a sustainable garden.

The beauty behind a rain garden is not only aesthetically pleasing for your yard but it’s also beneficial for the environment. You can assist your community by reducing the amount of stormwater pollution you produce, and using that water instead to benefit your gardens. A rain garden is even easy to build and very affordable as well.

Building a rain garden allows for rainwater to be captured from your property. The water that comes down from the roof, driveway, and sidewalks is then transferred to a garden that allows for a slow absorption into the ground. Rain gardens are typically dug four to eight inches deep, allowing them to hold a great deal of water at one time. Pollutants are filtered out at a higher rate than your lawn would and in turn your garden will flourish, sustaining itself.

The beauty of a rain garden runs deep. These gardens are a lovely and beneficial choice for personal use and even for an entire community’s use, as they are often used to provide drinking water for communities. Simply put, a rain garden is a wonderful way to boost the unique attributes of your home garden while helping to sustain our environment.


Image via Guardian

Attracting Hummingbirds to a Garden

Of course we love the unique and antique enhancements that can be brought to a garden, but one of our favorite garden features isn’t something that can be purchased at all – it’s only found in nature. Hummingbirds, one of nature’s surest signs of the season, are a delightful part of many home gardens. They bring a bit of excitement and wonder to a garden that can only be found when you take a moment to enjoy the setting. To keep up the view, there are specific things you can do to entice them to visit.

garden hummingbird
As one of the garden's finest natural additions, hummingbirds simply need a welcoming environment for them to visit.
  • Plant nectar rich flowers. Hummingbirds are most attracted to red plants but will visit any nectar rich flower, regardless of color.  Bleeding hearts, salvias, and honeysuckles are a few of the flower varieties perfect for attracting hummingbirds.
  • Attract insects. Hummingbirds also feed on insects in your garden.  Refrain from using pesticides or insecticides that will kill insects and consider planting insect-attracting flowers.
  • Install a feeder. Invest in a nectar feeder specifically designed for hummingbirds. You can choose from a wide variety of feeders including gel packs, inverted tubes, or saucer dishes. Of course, you can get creative with the project by stopping by Marvin Gardens. 
  • Focus on moving water sources. All birds like water, but hummingbirds will rarely use a bird bath.  Instead, they are attracted to moving sources of water such as misters, fountains, or moving sprinklers.  Hummingbirds are known to find a perch in a spray or fly through a sprinkler stream to cool off.
  • Provide perches. Hummingbirds tend to use a perch to rest and preen between feedings.  Providing thin perches such as clotheslines or wires near food sources will give the hummingbirds a reason to stay in your garden.

Celebrate the Inspiration Behind the Work of Richard Hartlage

The incredible thing about landscaping is that it can involve much more than flower arrangements and patios. With the right inspiration and the right tools, a property can become a vivid, architectural dream. Just take a look at the exemplary work of a client of ours, Richard Hartlage, who was one of the distinctive landscape architects behind the design of the Chihuly Garden & Glass Exhibition at Seattle Center.

At the recent grand opening of the exhibition, guests were greeted with an exceptional entrance for the glass art. AHBL Landscape Architects worked for three years to complete the design and construction for a garden full of vibrant colors and plants. Scarlet daylilies, old-growth Wesern Cedar logs, Aster Prince, and a huge planting of handkerchief trees were just a few of the items used to construct the exhibition’s grand entrance.

Chihuly Garden and Glass Rendering
From the beginning of the project...
Chihuly Garden and Glass Complete
... to it's completion, the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition is simply stunning.

As we can tell from the garden images published online, the scene is absolutely stunning! Be sure to take a moment to browse through the incredible garden design and let us know what you think.