Rain Garden

The Beauty Behind a Rain Garden

Rain Garden
A rain garden provides a beautiful setting for creating a sustainable garden.

The beauty behind a rain garden is not only aesthetically pleasing for your yard but it’s also beneficial for the environment. You can assist your community by reducing the amount of stormwater pollution you produce, and using that water instead to benefit your gardens. A rain garden is even easy to build and very affordable as well.

Building a rain garden allows for rainwater to be captured from your property. The water that comes down from the roof, driveway, and sidewalks is then transferred to a garden that allows for a slow absorption into the ground. Rain gardens are typically dug four to eight inches deep, allowing them to hold a great deal of water at one time. Pollutants are filtered out at a higher rate than your lawn would and in turn your garden will flourish, sustaining itself.

The beauty of a rain garden runs deep. These gardens are a lovely and beneficial choice for personal use and even for an entire community’s use, as they are often used to provide drinking water for communities. Simply put, a rain garden is a wonderful way to boost the unique attributes of your home garden while helping to sustain our environment.


Image via Guardian