Using Outdoor Furniture to Complement Your Garden Design

garden design ideas
Image via Marvin Gardens Facebook

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into planning and caring for your garden. Now you want to enjoy your handiwork with your family, friends and neighbors. A few garden design ideas can easily turn your backyard into an inviting gathering space or relaxation spot, making it a comfortable extension of your home.

You’ll want the furniture you choose to blend in and seem like a natural part of your garden. However, you will not want to place furniture where it will be in danger of harming plants or preventing plants from obtaining proper sunlight. You’ll want enough seating for your guests to be comfortable, but not so much as to give the area a cluttered look.

For a small space meant mostly for “me” time, you might choose something as simple as a free-standing and comfortable glider. If you are expecting company and enjoy a large, overgrown area, you might consider a more rustic look and go with wrought iron table and chairs. If French gardens are your passion, modern, minimalist furniture may be your choice.

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