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Bring a Mirror Outside: How a Mirror Can Bring New Life to a Garden Design

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If you’re trying to think of an outdoor design idea that will really help to spruce up your garden area, consider using an indoor element, such as a mirror. Mirrors can be used in a number of different ways throughout the garden, and they even have several benefits. Not only do they help compliment natural light by reflecting it to where you choose, mirrors can also help the area seem larger. The following are just a couple of ways that you can integrate mirrors into your garden design.

  • Small Spaces – If you have small or narrow planting areas, then you can immediately increase the perception of space by hanging a mirror nearby.
  • Mirror Collage – Do you have a small shed in your garden? Create a visual interest on those boring shed walls by hanging a number of different style mirrors together in a collage.
  • Tabletop – Reflect beautiful blue skies and white clouds by using a mirror as the top to your garden table.

These are just a few ideas that you can take for using mirrors in the garden. For more outdoor design ideas, be sure to visit Marvin Gardens on Facebook.