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3 Creative Tools To Help a Garden Grow Vertically

garden design
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Planting a vertical garden is an excellent way to add visual interest to your landscaping design and to maximize the space in your yard. There are many different types of flowering plants that thrive in vertical gardens including black-eyed susan vines, lantana, trailing impatients, and verbena. Each of these varieties has a small root structure, won’t add excess weight to the vertical planters, and are hearty plants.

Consider growing your vertical garden on:

  • Trellises You can build your own trellises or purchase them ready to install. You can also increase the usefulness of the trellises by strategically placing them in the garden to provide shade for other plants.
  • Gates or decorative fences Wrought iron or other decorative fences and gates are inherently beautiful but a vining flower adds depth and character. These can be functional or simply added to a garden for decoration.
  • Spiraled metal poles These can be placed amidst a horizontal garden to add vertical interest. Flowers will easily grow up and through the poles.

To learn more about tools for a vertical garden contact the professionals at Marvin Gardens. We understand the unique need of each garden and are committed to creating custom designs for your home.