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Gorgeous Picks for Hanging Garden Plants

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When adding hanging plants to your garden, you want to include those that bring something unique to your space. Nearly any type of flower can be placed into a hanging basket, but it’s important to choose ones that are right for your garden.

Begonias can withstand a variety of conditions and come in a vast array of different colored flowers such as red, pink, yellow & white. The flowers are very full and will hang slightly below the edges of your basket.

Ivy is always a great addition to a hanging basket, whether it be on its own or arranged with other plants or flowers. Ivy flourishes and will easily grow all around your garden, walls, pergola or any other structure you want to incorporate it into. Licorice Vine is another similar plant that is great for trailing and growing around structures.  Other great additions to your hanging gardens could include Fuchsia, Lobelia, Golden Pothos and Spider Plants.

Spice up your garden with some unique hanging basket arrangements. For more information on additional plants and tips, contact us at Marvin Gardens!