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Feung Shui Tips for a Spring Garden

garden design
Image via Houzz

Feng Shui is all about organizing objects to get the most positive energy out of a space as possible, also known as Chi, which helps to bring harmony and balance into your life. Placement is key to a successful Feng Shui design both inside and out, not only what you place, but where you place it and why.

The more disconnected from the rest of the world your Feng Shui garden is, the better. Large shrubs or trees are ideal for concealing your space and giving you peace of mind while you relax. Running water is one of the leading features you can incorporate into your outdoor space, this can include; fountains, ponds, reflecting pool or even a waterfall.

If you’re designing your outdoor space with Feng Shui in mind, note that straight paths should never be used. Let the path take its time and curve and flow through your space instead of running straight through. This is a space that should be relaxing for yourself or for your guests. Nature lends a huge inspiration to these arrangements and should be carefully considered while doing so.

Marvin Gardens can help bring more peace and tranquility into your life. Make your outdoor space much more than a scenic location and consider adding Feng Shui design principles to your garden.