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Garden Seating: How to Stay Creative

outdoor furniture accessories
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If you want to spend hours of comfort in your garden, having proper seating is a must. We’ll look at some unique options to keep your garden creative and a fun place to relax.

We’ve all seen the typical patio and lawn furniture, but why settle for that? Waterproof fabric is available in an array of styles and options. Get yourself an outdoor couch that can withstand the elements and not only look great, but is incredibly inviting. Why not place it on your back lawn under a large tree to relax on those hot summer days?

You can also incorporate nature directly into your set-up by creating chairs out of logs or finding large flat stones and covering them in pillows. You can even create indoor rooms outside by getting yourself a large waterproof fabric mattress and dressing it in pillows. You can hang sheets around it or even a mosquito net to keep away the pests.

Consider placing pairs of chairs all throughout your yard so your guests can relax in a number of spots.  You can mix and match chair styles for an eclectic appearance.

These are just a few of many options for seating arrangement in your yard or garden. For more helpful tips and ideas, contact our knowledgeable staff at Marvin Gardens.