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Succulents Make Gorgeous Centerpieces for Weddings and Every Day


Colorful succulent arrangements can provide long-lasting, rich color and add interesting texture to your table or patio whether for a special occasion or for everyday entertaining. These understated, intricate, and enduring plants add sophistication to create breathtakingly beautiful wedding bouquets or exquisite reception centerpieces at the most memorable events.

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Fun and beautiful succulent arrangements can be made using green-hued and fleshly, thick-leaved plants, like kalanchoe or crassula (including Jade plants) accented with the interesting forms or textures of Kalanchoe thyrsiflora (commonly called flapjacks) and Echeverias, which come in many colors.  At Marvin Gardens, we enjoy creating interesting and unusual succulent arrangements for indoor and outdoor use.  Our one-of-a-kind creations can add a quirky ambiance to a fun outdoor space or they can be arranged as elegant centerpieces that allow conversation to flow intimately across a dinner table.

We have also found that succulent displays can be used throughout your home to add a lushness in unexpected ways, such as along a garden wall, or tucked into an alcove, and not just as centerpieces or bouquets. Best of all, with minimal care and virtually no watering, you can expect these arrangements to last year round!

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If you like the look of succulents, come visit Marvin Gardens, where we will help you create the right annual or perennial succulent arrangement for every occasion.