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Beautiful Garden Deer That Won’t Eat Your Plants

garden accessories decor
Source: Marvin Gardens

Deer are beautiful creatures in the wild, walking with graceful steps between the trees.  In your garden, however, their beauty and grace is overshadowed by the frustration of finding your carefully cultivated plants eaten and destroyed.

Deer in the garden can be real pests, but there are some ways to deter them without harming them:

  • Planting certain plants can deter deer as they don’t like the taste of plants with fuzzy or feathery leaves.
  • Smells such as garlic have been known to repel deer, try planting garlic around the borders of your garden beds or use garlic clips.
  • Fencing can keep deer out. Deer can jump really high, however, so the fencing will need to be at least 7 feet tall.

Of course, you can still enjoy the beauty of deer in your yard without risking your plants by decorating with elegant deer statues.  Our carefully crafted wood deer sculptures are a far cry from the plastic imitation deer you see in so many yards, and they will add a delightful element to your garden design.

Visit us at Marvin Gardens to see the deer and our other garden accessories.  We enjoy helping you turn both the inside and outside of your home into a place you’ll love to spend more time enjoying!