planning your garden

Great Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Northeastern Garden


planning your garden
Source: Marvin Gardens Facebook

Low-maintenance plants enhance your landscape, require little attention and allow anyone to keep up a garden. Even seasoned gardeners need low-maintenance plants to balance the landscape. Below are a few plants designed to withstand the heat and flourish in your New England garden.

  • Ornamental grasses are ideal for a long, hot summer. The grasses blend well with other flowers and shrubs and evoke the wistful openness of the countryside. Maiden grass and feather reed grass are great options to consider.
  • Create shade with a grape-covered pergola. Grape vines are hardy and actually require an abundance of sun to grow and flourish. King of the North is a white grape that suits the Northeastern climate.
  • For water-friendly low maintenance plants that can flourish near streams or meadows, consider purple cohosh which adds a stunning violet hue to the meadow.
  • Many perennials are made to withstand droughts and hot sun. Russian Sage is a popular perennial.
  • For late-blooming flowers that brighten the transition to fall, consider the Japanese Anemone. The plant is known for blowing gracefully in the wind and also providing generous amounts of foliage.

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