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French Garden Inspiration for Your Home

garden design
Source: Marvin Gardens Facebook

Add a touch of sophistication to your home by letting French influence inspire your garden design. You can’t go wrong with the French when it comes to elegance.

As a start to this project, think about the quaint outdoor cafes France is known for, concrete balustrades, cast-iron seats, porcelain tiles, and topiary shrubs come to mind. Throw in birdbaths, fountains, and glazed pots to complete the mental picture. It’s perfect for an afternoon outdoor tea party, isn’t it?

But what makes French design so distinctive? There are two main elements, and these are geometry and water. Patterns are geometric: big and bold, whether they’re on the pathway, on the gate, or on the table. But even in their boldness and size, they are delicate. This is because water is often incorporated into the landscape to soften the otherwise hard edges.  Combining these two elements in perfect balance is the secret to having a beautiful French design.

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