make a garden fun

Accessorize Your Garden With a Sense of Fun

For a more playful environment, there are many ways to incorporate whimsy into your garden. Controlling the colors, sculptures, shapes, and other display elements of your garden will generate an exciting atmosphere.  Here are some ways to bring fun to your landscape:

make a garden fun
  • Bright colors just imply fun. Instead of blending subtle tones, contrasting distinct colors of the rainbow will leave your guests in a better mood. The trick is to utilize brightly colored items amidst a sea of green foliage.
  • Unique sculptural selections can offer fun vignettes that speak for themselves without competing against the rest of the garden. They work well as bends in the garden path or walkway.
  • Interesting, eye-catching, shapes around the garden demonstrate a childlike frivolity. With a free-for-all celebration of shape, guests are left looking for similarities as they view the premise.
  • If you already have an amusing collection of attractive objects, consider moving their display space to the garden. Of course, you’ll want to ensure they are prepared to be kept outside, but using the garden as a home for a unique assortment of items leaves a positive impression on guests.

If you’re on the market for fun garden design accessories, please contact Marvin Gardens today!