Italian Inspirations

Rome, Italy is where we are headed today! Rome is one of those places that was very intricately planned, from the stones that marked the paths of the streets to the carvings in stone buildings. Designer Erin Schlosser of Fresh Nest Design recently visited Europe and shared some great pictures on the Fresh Nest blog. Here are some favorites:

These basalt paver stones mark the path at the Roman Forum. Julius Caesar was just one of the many Italian greats who walked this path.

Architectural ruins from the Roman Forum… although simple, they are beautiful and were meticulously carved.

The Colosseum… need we say anything other than “Wow!”

 For more pictures of Italian stone architecture, visit Fresh Nest Design.

Photo credit: Erin Schlosser via Fresh Nest Design.

Get Inspired!

When you take a vacation to a new destination — be it exotic or simply different from where you live your daily life — there are plenty of adventures waiting to transpire. Maybe you take pleasure in seeing the architecture, savoring new foods, or hearing a different language. Maybe you just like the experience of a different culture and the feeling you get when listening to music and entertainment that is completely different from your own. Or maybe for you, the best part of traveling just might be the fact that it provides heaps of decorating inspiration! If so, voyage cautiously — there are definitely some common mistakes you’ll want to steer clear of.

Home Envy has put together a great DOs and DON’Ts list for travel-inspired decorating for those of you hoping to recreate that dream destination atmosphere right at home.

Inspiring design from the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild during our trip to France

A few of our favorites are:

DO make room for furnishings that look well-traveled or well-loved. A Turkish table with inlaid mother-of-pearl and ivory suggests a trip to Morocco or Turkey, while a vintage trunk may have traveled on the Queen Mary.

DON’T copy any regional style literally or you run the risk of developing “Epcot Syndrome”. Santa Fe style looks perfectly appropriate in New Mexico and works very well in Arizona and Los Angeles, but it may fall somewhat short in eastern Canada where geography and light are vastly different. Terracotta tiles, Navajo rugs, and religious iconography can however mix well (and look appropriate) when combined with other classic American-style furnishings.

Click here for the compete list.