Create a Garden Defined By Your Style

gardenThere’s something to be said for the remarkable gardens that take your breath away. Have you ever experienced one? These are gardens that combine unique design attributes with a flawless choice of plants to accent the garden’s style. To create a garden of your own that resembles this deluxe level of detail, now is the time for you to begin your brainstorming! Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Begin by drawing up a site plan. This is where your brainstorming efforts are put to paper! Sketch out ideas for plant beds, borders, and any accents you might like to have.

Next, choose the right plants. First think of your favorite plants. Chances are, since your favorite plants reflect your personal style, they will probably suit your garden style well. Also consider the textures, colors, blooming periods, and shapes of these plants, ensuring that they complement each other well.

Finally, head to Marvin Gardens and choose some design elements to showcase your plants. Our urns, planters, and trellises to name a few, are an ideal way to finalize the style of your garden.

For more garden inspiration, plan a trip to Marvin Gardens early! Contact us by calling 203-544-2020 today.