Spring flowers and their scent extracts

Most of us have a hand/body lotion or two (or ten, in my case) that embodies our favorite floral scents. Some of the lotion names and the flower of which the scent originates are fairly obvious. However, did you know that “sweet pea” is an actual flower and not a term Bath & Body Works made up for their product line bearing the same floral name? Here are some popular spring flowers that also share a kinship with body care fragrances.

Cherry blossom. A sight– and smell– to behold once the trees are fully bloomed.

Freesia. One of the most popular gardening plants for its vase-friendly stems and slight citrus scent.

Gardenia. These are unmistakably aromatic– as well as beautiful– with cream-colored blooms set against deep-green leaves.

Rose. A flower that bears much symbolism, a scent that appears in so many products.

Sweet pea. Known as the Queen of Annuals in England, this flower’s color variations and sweet scent make it a gardener’s favorite… as well as mine.

Have these flowers around the house, and your rooms will be sure to smell like your most admired body care scent… or is it the other way around?

Photo source: strollers; Sericea; dermoidhome; T.Kiya; philipbouchard