Accessorize Your Garden With a Sense of Fun

For a more playful environment, there are many ways to incorporate whimsy into your garden. Controlling the colors, sculptures, shapes, and other display elements of your garden will generate an exciting atmosphere.  Here are some ways to bring fun to your landscape:

make a garden fun
  • Bright colors just imply fun. Instead of blending subtle tones, contrasting distinct colors of the rainbow will leave your guests in a better mood. The trick is to utilize brightly colored items amidst a sea of green foliage.
  • Unique sculptural selections can offer fun vignettes that speak for themselves without competing against the rest of the garden. They work well as bends in the garden path or walkway.
  • Interesting, eye-catching, shapes around the garden demonstrate a childlike frivolity. With a free-for-all celebration of shape, guests are left looking for similarities as they view the premise.
  • If you already have an amusing collection of attractive objects, consider moving their display space to the garden. Of course, you’ll want to ensure they are prepared to be kept outside, but using the garden as a home for a unique assortment of items leaves a positive impression on guests.

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Ideas for Designing a Showstopping Front Yard

Source: Marvin Gardens

People’s first impression of your home forms at the first moment they set their eyes on your front yard. Even a beautiful interior design can’t shake off a bad impression once it’s already established.

For this reason, your front yard deserves a makeover if it’s currently making a lackluster impression. For this simple renovation project, think of a good outdoor design idea which you can easily execute. Start with a unifying theme that ties in all elements together for a harmonious look.

If you love the farmland aesthetic, for example, you can collect garden sculptures of farm animals and pair them with your plants and trees in your front yard. Continue the theme with farm-style fencing surrounding planting areas or an attractive farmhouse gate leading to your front porch.

If you want something less whimsical and more classic, try focusing more on attractive arrangements of flowers and other plants. You can add variety with container plants and classical statues.

There are many ways to decorate your front yard, but the final design boils down to what you like and what suits your home. Let your creativity take the reigns on this one! To get more ideas, visit us at Marvin Gardens or request more information.


Why Add a Garden Gate?

Gates add a frame to the garden, increasing the organized and intentional appearance of the design.  Whether your garden is in the front or the back of the house, you should consider how people will approach the gate to decide the best placement.  It’s also a good idea to have a path weave from the gate entrance through your garden.

If you like the Secret Garden appeal, grow tall bushes and leafy plants in front of your fence and around the gate’s interior side so people can’t resist wondering what lies beyond the gate.  Vines also add to that naturally overgrown look that creates the impression of a mysterious and old garden.

If you prefer a more orderly and stately garden design, use your gate to frame an impressive sculpture, a classical fountain, or a particularly beautiful plant.  Design a pathway to travel from the gate and circle your garden focal point for a very deliberate and well-planned appearance.

Visit us at Marvin Gardens to see our selection of garden gates and accessories to create a beautifully designed garden of your own.

The Overlooked Benefits of Landscape Hedges

When you look through pictures of luxuriously landscaped gardens, many of them feature some classic qualities. Among the classic design elements, hedges are often one of the binding features that set a garden apart. For centuries, European gardens used hedges to section off properties, block views, or enclose grand estates. Today, many homeowners miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on many of these same benefits.

Garden Hedges

Garden hedges are much more than just something for the history books. The “living fences” provide a stunning way to frame a home’s landscape and to provide privacy. In many residences, we’re seeing several forms of hedges used to provide visual interest and unique design. Hedges can now be found in layers, various hedges, and even in a range of colors.

Garden Hedges

Have you ever considered the use of garden hedges at your own home? What do you think of the look?

Garden Hedges

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