Philly Horticultural Society’s Fall Garden Festival a Huge Success!

 Despite the nagging rain’s attempt to pour down throughout the day, the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Fall Garden Festival this past Saturday managed to stay relatively dry and was a huge success! Marvin Gardens had a grand time and was happy to see such great attendance from such enthusiastic folks at the Philadelphia Navy Yard! Thanks again to PHS! You just continue to do a great job creating fabulous events, year after year!

To learn more about becoming a member of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, please click here. If you would like to volunteer at the Festival, click here to learn more.

Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Fall Festival, September 24, 2011

Please join Marvin Gardens and many other select vendors and exhibitors for PHS’s Annual Fall Garden Festival held at The Philadelphia Navy Yard. Don’t miss this fun event!

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Preparing Container Plants for Winter

Now that September is here, it’s time again to start preparing our gardens for winter; this includes moving outdoor container plants indoors for the chilly season. While preparing to bring in the container plant, it is critical to make sure your plants are not bringing in any unvisited guests. Outdoors can carry pests and diseases that spread through indoor plants faster than outdoor plants, so don’t convince yourself that you’ll quarantine the plant will treat the problem.  The good news is that plants can be easily treatd for pests with natural home remedies.

The simplest way to fill a basin or water with a natural, non-detergent liquid soap, then take the potted plant and fully immerse it into the soapy water.  You can leave the plant sitting in the water for up to 3 hours, the soapy solution should force any bugs living out of the soil.  Don’t worry this solutions is actually quite good for the plants roots and will the roots nicely hydrated.

Now all you have left is to clean the lefts and flowers; using the same soap solution, mist the plants (you can purchase a new spray bottle from the local dollar or grocery store, but recycling an old spray bottle will just fine too).

Now that you have treated your container plants, you are safe to bring them indoors without fear of bringing any pests as well.


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Marvin Gardens’ Latest Collection

As we mentioned last month, Marvin Gardens’ philosophy is simple and is one that aims to break the traditional mold when it comes to sophisticated garden design. That’s why every single item we obtain has a unique history that comes along with it and can be used in a number of creative ways. Take this particular item from our most recent collection. The vintage cast iron fountain can be used as a garden accent among a variety of other softer items but is still bold enough to stand alone as a centerpiece!

Here are some more versatile items we just received.


If you’re in the New England area and are in search for some innovative garden pieces to accent your landscape, visit our Facebook page or contact us directly for more information on our entire collection!

Marvin Garden’s Philosophy

Here at Marvin Gardens, our philosophy is simple.  We believe in using the process of creation and mind-shifting to add genuine value to one’s garden, home and life. By creating new designs, resurrecting new life out of old, breaking the patterns of trendsetters, being a style maker, breaking out of old patterns of thought in all other aspects of life helps to emphasize one’s own uniqueness and individuality. Marvin Gardens is proud to provide the consumer with innovative ideas and eclectic home and garden elements to enhance this philosophy. Take a look at a few items from our latest collection that break the mold and have a new breath of life in them.

Vine Orb
Vintage Factory Lathe - will make great trough/planter
Philadelphia Gates -- vintage/antique.
Double petal impatiens, ponytail, streptacarpa

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Beachy Fairfield Bungalow all Greyed Up

Okay, okay. We know we’ve been writing about our favorite color quite a bit lately but we just can’t help it. We love it and we just keep coming across inspiring designs that employ this fabulously chic shade. While perusing Cococozy this morning, we stumbled upon an absolute pearl  of a place right here in Fairfield CT that’s accented sweetly with none other than—you guessed it—grey! The home is a quaint seaside cottage designed by Lynn Morgan and is actually a sprawling 5,000 square feet. Filled with white lacquer beadboard and pale bleached furniture, this shingle-style home is a touch beachy, a touch preppy with a hint of modern rolled in as well.

Take a look at some of the images below by photographer Jeff McNamara.

Marvin Gardens would love to hear from you. What do you think about this charming little place? Is your ideas home a quaint cottage or a spacious mansion?

Rooms Inspired by Coco Chanel

In case you missed it, last week was the 128th birthday of French designer, Coco Chanel and while Coco is first and foremost an icon of fashion who revolutionized the little black dress, she has also left her imprint on the interior design world with her famously chic designs. Her own style was more reserved, she tended to pair simple outfits, such as her trademark black suites with great accessories, like pearls. Whether she was designing for the Paris runway or herself, she always designed with real women in mind and made each outfit comfortable and easy to move in, Coco was once quoted as saying, “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” Her sophisticated style continues to inspire the fashion and interior design world, so we wanted to demonstrate this by showcasing a few interiors that reflect her impeccable style.

Coco Chanel

Each of these rooms are simple and tailored without any fuss or mess.  What do you think of these Chanel inspired interior designs?

Eleven Shades of Brown!

If you’re a regular reader of the Marvin Gardens blog, you’re probably already familiar with the fact that we have a category called, “Eleven Shades of Grey.” Why, you may ask? Well that’s a completely separate story for another time. But one of the main things that prompted the category’s name was the fact that within every color’s index is an expansive catalog of hues or “shades”. Shades of red. Shades of yellow. Shades of grey. Aside from grey – which, as you can tell, we love – there are so many beautiful neutral and earthy colors that are adequately representative of both the garden and the home. Blues and beiges are great examples. Another wonderful example is the color brown, which also seems to be making a strong comeback in the design world.

From Canadian House & Home:

Brown tones are just so darn classic and versatile, and their earthiness brings warmth to a farmhouse or lends a posh feeling to a penthouse. And yes, I know for many of you classic sophisticates, brown has never left.

London Clay (244) from Farrow & Ball is a muddy brown favorite of mine.

Durango (2137-30) from Benjamin Moore is nice, too.


Above is Michael Penney’s fave: Bittersweet Chocolate (2114-10) from Benjamin Moore.

And how about a timeless fabric?

Photo credits via Canadian House & Home:

1. London Clay (244), Farrow & Ball
2. Durango (2137-30), Benjamin Moore
3. Bittersweet Chocolate (2114-10), Benjamin Moore
4. Imperial Trellis II in Java/Cream (174413), Schumacher

Arrange Containers to Maximize Landscapes

Interested in adding some variety to your landscape this summer? Then consider incorporating an assortment of planters of different shapes and sizes! Whether they’re rustic and weathered or polished and chic, they will add depth and flavor to your garden.

Marvin Gardens has a handful of tips for you from container gardener Steve Silk to get started. Take a look below:

Even unfilled pots can be useful in the garden: Even though it wouldn’t seem like it right off the bat, it can become a fine focal point or seating area.

Use containers as a means of traffic regulation: Nothing slows a group down in their tracks like a narrow passageway. Group some containers together closing up a walkway to naturally slow visitors down.

Use pots to describe garden spaces: Things like hallways, enclosures and corners can all be created by with containers. This gives a unique “space” feel to any garden.

Arrange fragrant container plants to freshen walkways: The fragrance of varieties like pineapple sage, scented geraniums, rosemary, lavender and other herbs are wonderful container species that can be grouped in front of an entrance way for a nice burst of luxurious fragrances.

Contact Marvin Gardens today form more information on our wide variety of unique vintage garden containers!

Photo Credit: Pompeii

Vacation-Proofing Your Garden

You tend to your prized flower beds every single day. You water and fertilize them consistently with care. But even though your precious garden may be getting pampered throughout the year while you’re home, chances are, it’s going to get a little lonely during those days or weeks that you’re away on vacation. Luckily, though, with a little planning, your garden will be just fine while you’re away.

Marvin Gardens has come across a handy preparedness list from ShelterPop for you to follow before you head out on holiday and it’s sure to keep your garden looking lush and healthy while you’re away.

  • Weed and pull off spent blossoms. This will help guarantee that water is reaching your plants and not being sucked down by the weeds.
  • Make sure that your flower beds are properly insulated. If you’ve already laid down mulch earlier in the season, just top it off with a fresh layer.
  • Make sure your garden is watered while you’re away is a must.
  • Group potted plants together out of direct sunlight and go for self-watering planters.

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Photo Credit: Prairie Rose Garden