A Closer Look at Some Elegant Items from Marvin Gardens’ Fall Collection!

Elegance, timelessness and quality are three characteristics you’ll always find in Marvin Gardens’ fine home and garden decor. Accessorize indoors or outdoors with items from our antique, vintage, contemporary and traditional collections to craft a genuinely unique ambiance that cannot be found elsewhere. Take a look at some of our newest fall items for sale. Contact Marvin Gardens today for more information!

Old 46"D Firepit Available for Sale
Redding Estate Large Teak Root Ball: Marvin Gardens Landscape Architect: Richard Hartlage, AHBL.com
Ridgefield Estate, 2010 Large AgriOrb: Marvin Gardens Other Styles and Sizes Available for Sale
Redding Estate Custom Pergola by Marvin Gardens, 2004 12'x16', Aluminum Columns, Painted Redwood
Redding Estate Garden Cloche Landscape Architect: Richard Hartlage, AHBL.com
Jacquemart Iron Dogs French Reproduction Available for Sale

Photo Credit: Marvin Gardens

Copper and Silver Garden Dressings

These two photos were posted at GardenHistoryGirl this past Fall and are simply fabulous. GHG Blogger Arcady said she was inspired to post them after seeing similar concepts at other installations at the Chatsworth exhibit/sale.

The first photo is of copper garden pavers which might make a beauliful addition to any garden path. The second photo is of a collection of silver orbs in a garden pond.

Arcady wrote, “Yayoi Kusama did an installation of thousands of those silvery balls floating on the good-sized indoor lake within the Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane, Australia a few years ago. As well as being lovely to look at, they made the most pleasant, deepish-hollow sound as they gently knocked together. And, best of all, all the children visiting had wonderful fun pushing the balls around.”

The original works are ‘Narcissus Garden’ by Yayoi Kusama and ‘Cuprux’ by Carl Andre.

Photo Credit: GardenHistoryGirl