Add a touch of glass to your garden

If your garden looks a bit one-dimensional when it comes to accessories, you can add a few simple pieces of decor that will instantly turn your outdoor abode into a three-dimensional wonder. The best way to do this is to install some glass artwork. Glass reflects light, emits color and demands depth to a garden.

Stained glass windows, hanging mobiles and bulbous totems are common garden decor. But you can expand upon those choices with other glistening items.

This wooden and glass art garden bench will shine through as a conversation piece.

Some glass art is even functional. This globe soaks up solar power during the day and illuminates as a lantern by nightfall.

Also, this piece serves as a butterfly or bird feeder.

If you have a pond, floating glass sculptures dress up flat water.

Marvin Gardens can help you choose the right glass art pieces for your garden.

Photo source: Light Kiln; indiedesign; Allsop; style hive; worldtechguy