Small Space, Huge Potential

Smaller rooms can be a popular place to gather in the house. Friends and family are able to sit close and enjoy conversation. The problem with small rooms seems to be that they clutter way too easily. The potential of a small room is huge, if you know exactly what to do with the space. Southern Living Associate Photo Stylist Alan Henderson revamped his den when he decided that it needed to be a more inviting space. Check out his work for some inspiration:

This is the space Henderson started with, a small room lacking that comfy, cozy feel.

Henderson’s finished product- He kept his existing furniture and re-covered it with fabrics (a great way to revamp and save money) that flowed with the color scheme of the room. Solid velvet and synthetic suede paisley in golds and browns provide just enough contrast but still work together. Nail heads add a decorative touch and delineate where the two fabrics meet.

An oversized ottoman was changed into a coffee table. It’s a versatile piece of furniture that you can prop your feet on or you can toss a colorful throw on it to look more formal. Furniture can do double duty is always a great addition to any room. Use your imagination and you’ll come up with endless possibilities.

Textured walls are sometimes the most striking change in a makeover. Henderson went with grass cloth because it has a natural weave. He liked how the black tones behind it draw the darker colors throughout the room in, like the chocolate brown on the windows.

For more inspiration, visit the Southern Living site.

Photo credit: Laurey W. Glenn via Southern Living.

Green UP with Fresh Wall Planters

Photo Credit: FreshHome

If you’ve been looking for a way to incorporate foliage into your interior design but just don’t have the floor space for planters, check out this idea from FreshHome. These unique wall-mounted planters grow flowers, succulents, ferns and ivies indoors right on your living room wall so you can maximize your home’s space. FreshHome notes that the plants grow in a planting grid, while a white cedar wood frame houses a watering tray on top that trickles water down to each pocket in the grid. All excess water is collected in a tray on the bottom. If you love nature and plants these wall-mounted planters and freestanding models are an easy way to add a breathtaking plant display to your home.

For more information from HM Oliver Interiors on wall planters, click here.

The Unfortunate Celebrity of the Painted Ladies

The Victorian-style and architecture of San Fransisco’s Painted Ladies is getting an unusual amount of attention this week as its size is being used as a measure of volume in relation to the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The Architect’s Newspaper Blog created an image by Hulett Jones of the San Francisco firm Jones | Haydu. Basically, 10,000 barrels of oil spillage (approximately 2 days) would roughly fill up the size of a Victorian row house in San Francisco meaning that at this point, we’ve filled up almost 12 houses worth!