Protect Your Plants from the Elements this Winter

Winter Garden [Day 11/365]
Protect your plants from the harsh weather this winter with these tips!

Have you prepared your home for the winter? What about everything outside your home? Have you taken any precautions to protect your plants from the harsh winter climate? If you’d like some great tips on how to protect your plants from the elements this winter, check out these tips, courtesy of The Augusta Chronicle.

•    Move your container plants inside your home, garage, shed, or greenhouse. This works for all container plants, with the exception of ferns. Do not move your ferns inside unless the temperature is going to drop to the 20’s or below, and if that happens, move them into your garage.

•    If you’re going to leave your container plants outdoors, you can protect them by pushing them together and covering the sides with mulch or a blanket in order to decrease their loss of heat. This is more effective than covering the entire plant with a blanket.

•    Keep your plants well-hydrated all year long, especially right before the temperature drops in the wintertime. Hydrating your plants will make them stronger and healthier, which will aid them in being able to tolerate the cold a lot better than they would if they were dehydrated.

Image courtesy of indigo_jones via Flickr

Create Your Own Festive Holiday Centerpiece

Have you begun decorating for the winter holiday season yet? Looking for a way to make your dining room or kitchen table look festive and cheery? Why not try creating your own holiday centerpiece yourself? You can do it quickly and easily and without blowing your budget. All you’ll need to create this beautiful holiday centerpiece is a cylindrical glass vase, a small plastic cup, several pine cones, a festive ribbon, and amaryllis flowers. According to Canadian House & Home, you can make a lovely holiday centerpiece that will brighten up your kitchen or dining room with these few simple, inexpensive items. Check out the steps to creating this centerpiece by clicking on the link to their website.

Here’s what the finished product looks like! Gorgeous!

Image courtesy of Canadian House & Home