Classic Elements in Aerin Lauder’s Living Room

Elle Décor always has beautiful photos of beautiful interiors, but many of them are a bit modern for our taste. Of course, this doesn’t stop us from flipping through pages of the magazine or browsing Elle Décor’s website from time to time, and we felt we struck gold when we spotted the traditional elements in Aerin Lauder’s living room, which was featured on the site amongst 12 other celebrity spaces.

Although many of the larger furniture pieces have modern lines, other objects in the room nod toward a more classic style. We’re sure you didn’t miss the display of Chinese porcelain pieces from Estée Lauder’s collection, but also note the traditional armchair and pedestal side tables, which help balance the two periods blended in this space.

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Photo by Simon Upton for Elle Décor

A New Twist on Traditional Plate Groupings

We’ve talked before about transferware—one of our favorite things—and hanging plate groupings the easy way, but we just came across an interesting development that may make it even easier: this Studio Ditte wallpaper pattern, which pictures porcelain blue-and-white dinner plates.

Like decor8 points out, part of the charm lies in the variety of plate patterns and multiple shades of blue, which work together and complement each other beautifully. And that’s not to mention the current popularity of indigo and softer shades of blue in all design accessories these days, including transfer-ware.

This wallpaper pattern is a new take on a design classic. We think it might work well on an accent wall or even as a bookshelf backing. What do you think of the look? Is it overwhelming, or just the right amount of a good thing?

Images via decor8