6 Lavender Care Tips

For centuries, lavender’s gentle color and relaxing scent have both been put to great use in a variety of ways by gardeners and hobbyists alike: its fragrance has been used in soaps, shampoos and even fabric softeners and also to relieve ailments like insomnia, anxiety, depression and mood disorders. Its subtle flavor has been used in teas, jellies and ice creams. Aside form all its many uses, though – and perhaps best of all—it’s a gorgeous specimen. Lavender’s sultry purple-ish hue livens up any garden. This herb can be easily grown in your own backyard or in a container on the window sill. If you’re considering introducing lavender to your plot, Marven Gardens suggests taking a look at these plant care tips below from Buzzle. Be sure to consider the type of lavender you’re working with, i.e. French and Spanish Lavender, as care varies slightly by specimen.

From Buzzle:

1. Make sure you regularly water the plants and use compost manure.

2. Never over-water; if plants develop a brown base, this is an indication to reduce the quantity of water.

3. Cut one-third of leafage in spring. When there is an appearance of new growth, leave it for a month or two. Cut half of the new foliage.

4. Spent flower stems would keep depositing on the plant. Cut spent flower stems regularly. If you don’t, the plant would grow woody and out of shape.

5. Avoid cutting the woody branches in order to bring the plants in shape. This might result in the death of the plants.

6. If the plants are ruined and cannot be saved and you have to replace them, wait for the fall. Winter is the best season to replace them.

Photo Credit: ShaunFleet.Com