Bring a Touch of the Outdoors Inside with Beautiful Living MOSStiles

Talk about a fresh idea! Marvin Gardens recently came across this innovative and sustainable wall décor known as MOSStiles from by Benetti Stone Philosophy that basically allows you to decorate any area of your home from the walls to lampshades to tabletops and everything in between. The tiles come in a variety of colors and are almost completely maintenance free. What a neat way to liven up the interior with little to no effort at all!

From Inhabitat:

These modular living tiles come in 12 different shades and are virtually maintenance free needing no watering, fertilizer or even direct sunlight, maintaining their lush appearance relying only ambient humidity alone. Like a living wallpaper or even art, MOSStiles will brighten up your space with living plants.

Would you decorate your interior with these lush little tiles or are the out of the question for your digs? We want to hear your thoughts! Check back with Marvin Gardens regularly for all things gardens and design-related form around the web!

Living Walls and Interesting Wall Containers

Vertical Zinc Wall Planter
Stylish Vertical Gardening

Gardening can be a challenge especially when ground space is limited. Why not go up? Unused interior or exterior wall space is very easily enhanced by hanging flat planter boxes, wall fountains, coral, colorful dishes (yes!) or anything that can be attached to a flat surface.  A little ingenuity and creativity is all that is needed to create a spectacular impact.  Remember, if using smaller items (coral, fish, mirrors, etc) the effect is greater if a large volume of the item is used.  Large wall art can be placed singly, in pairs or trios to create geometrical and structural effect.

Please inquire about our custom-made lightweight zinc wall planters. Created to encase baby ferns, ivy, succulents or multiples of any 2-3″ potted plant, these slightly industrial rectangular wall planters are affordable, extremely interesting and fun to plant. Reserve yours now or special order complete with plants. Sizes range from 20″ x 30″ to 36″ x 48″.

Marvin Gardens Participating in Upcoming Flower Shows

Marvin Gardens has a busy month coming up soon! In March, we’re participating in the Philadelphia Flower Show, and then we’ll head straight over to Boston for the Boston Flower Show. So why are we participating in these two shows back-to-back? We’re excited to showcase our cool and eclectic home and garden accessories and design. Custom-made zinc planters and living walls will be highlights and available for sale at both shows—great, affordable pricing, and a cool and unique effect indoors or outdoors.

Be sure to check back to the Marvin Gardens blog for more details and information later. We just wanted to give you a quick heads up because we hope to see you at these events! The Philadelphia Flower Show will take place March 6-13, and the Boston show will be March 16-20, so mark your calendars! And if you don’t want to wait, stop by our Connecticut store today to view our unique home and garden accessories.

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