Solve run-off with a rain garden

When it rains, your lawn and garden are likely to benefit. However, too much of rain can damage your yard. Depending on the land elevations, water without proper drainage (or that can’t drain fast enough) causes run-off that will make your yard look less attractive as a result of erosion or flooding. This insurgence of water may come from driveways or rooftops.

Rather than have a pool of water sitting in your lawn, which can cause grass roots to rot, a viable solution may be found in a rain garden. A rain garden is a collection of plants that soak up excess surface water. These gardens also act as a filter to reduce the amount of pollution that may end up in rivers and streams.

Rain gardens are usually situated where there is a land depression. Native grasses and wildflowers work best on account of their deep roots. The water is retained for less than a week in these gardens.

If you have a water run-off problem in your yard, have Marvin Gardens design a rain garden for you.

Photo source: BevKnits; Roger Soh